Apparently, simply turning down the chance to once again reprise a role in a movie franchise makes you stunning and brave. Who knew it took so much courage to not act? We recently reported on Neve Campbell turning down the chance to reprise the role of Sidney Prescott once again in another entry in the Scream franchise.

It turns out that fellow co-stars are coming out of the woodwork to show their support of her. Here, I thought this kind of thing happened all the time.

Campbell turned down an appearance in Scream 6 due to the amount that was offered. She felt that it wasn’t enough and that it didn’t represent the value she feels she brought to the franchise.

Of course this will upset fans of the Scream franchise and horror fans in general. The Scream movies have been around since the mid 90s and Scream 6 will be the first with a new “final girl.”

One of those from the previous movies coming out in support of Campbell is Matthew Lillard, who starred in the original entry. He said in a Twitter Space (via People) that he understood Campbell’s decision to decline the offer.


“Did Tom Cruise take less money for [Top Gun: Maverick]? F— no, dude. So, why is a woman supposed to take less? Why wouldn’t you pay her more as the series goes on? Was Scream 5 a hit or not a hit? It was a smash hit. Did they make a s— ton of money? Yes. Should Neve Campbell be paid for the work she’s done in five movies of a franchise? Yes, because she’s a female lead of one of the most successful horror franchises.”

He continued:

“Should Neve Campbell be paid for the work she’s done in five movies of a franchise? Yes, because she’s a female lead of one of the most successful horror franchises,”

As of now, there’s no telling what Campbell was offered for Scream 6. So it’s all assumption by Lillard that she was offered less money to come back to the franchise again, before we even get to the whole female angle he’s trying to leverage here.

Likewise, Jamie Kennedy also took to the internet via YouTube. He was in the first two Scream (technically 3) movies. He claims the studio not giving Campbell what she wanted is exactly what’s wrong with Hollywood.


“Hollywood, this is a clear example of how twisted the system is. Sidney Prescott is the center of Scream. Neve Campbell is the face of Scream. Ghostface chasing her throughout the whole franchise… Neve is the final girl. It’s crazy that the people behind the scenes are not paying the money to literally the face of the franchise. It’s people who weren’t involved from the get-go. This is everything that’s wrong with the business.”

His perspective on the whole thing focusses more on the business side and less on the male ally approach of Lillard. They’re not the only ones that have come running to the aid of Campbell. David Arquette, who was in all the movies thus far, making his final appearance in Scream 6, has also talked about this.

“A Scream movie without Sidney is kind of unfortunate, but I understand her decision. It’s all a business in a way, they have to balance all these elements to fit a budget and produce a film,”


He added:

“I get it, she’s still alive! She [can] absolutely be in future ones, but I think it’s up to fans to call for that in the future. […] That is sudden, it’s a business, though. I respect her decision, for sure.”

He seems measured here and he makes a good point, actors salary is not the only budget for a movie, although they might like to think so.

Jasmin Savoy Brown from the reboot/sequel, took a line closer to Lillard, stating:

“I absolutely respect her for that. I think that it’s hard to be a woman in this industry and in any industry at all. If any person, but especially any woman, feels that she deserves more — whether that’s a financial situation with work, out of a relationship, out of fill in the blank — if she can walk away, I support that. The script is fantastic and the franchise go on in a beautiful way.”

So there you have it. Apparently all you have to do to be a hero these days, is turn down offers to work. Not all unemployment lines wear capes.

I can’t think of any other horror franchise that’s retained a single “final girl” like the Scream series has. Maybe you could argue for Halloween, in the later years shoehorning Jamie Lee Curtis back into the series.

It has been fun seeing Campbell, among others, keep coming back for these movies but in reality it’s not essential. I do think what Campbell brought was great, but the franchise could have continued on perfectly fine without her. In the long run, this might hurt, but I think the franchise is already on it’s last leg as it is, with or without Campbell.

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