With the impending release of Star Wars: Visions, a new deep dive gives fans a look into the villains of some of the episodes.

Speaking with co-executive producer Justin Leach, StarWars.com offered insight on the antagonists of the upcoming anime anthology series, introducing the characters who will feature.

This article discusses details pertaining to both story and characters for Star Wars: Visions.

Star Wars

One character known as The Elder appears prominently in the episode of the same name, one of the two episodes being produced by Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill) and is described as:

“a master swordsman seeking worthy adversaries,”

Although he appears to be an elderly old man, he moves skillfully against his enemies — and seems more intent on mastering his own abilities rather than falling in line with either the Jedi or Sith.

According to Leach, The Elder’s katana-shaped lightsaber:

“is a wonderful tribute to the original source material that inspired Star Wars.”

Star Wars

The Twins, another Studio Trigger short, revolves around Karre and Am, two siblings raised in the ways of the Dark Side. While Karre was able to walk away from this upbringing, his sister became consumed by her lust for power.

When discussing Am, Leach revealed that she:

“takes being a Dark Lord to the next level with her drive, ambition, and skill on a scale that could only be expressed through anime. It flips the classic Star Wars twins upside down in a way that is new and exciting.”

Star Wars

Masago will be the villain in the Akakiri short by Science Saru (Devilman Crybaby) and believes that her ambitions of conquest are not simply a want, by her destiny.

Star Wars

The other Science Saru short is titled T0-B1, which shares the name with the short’s lead character, a droid who pretends to be a Jedi.

Star Wars

This enemy is one that Star Wars fans have become quite familiar with, and like those other Inquisitors, this one is ready to destroy all in their path.

Star Wars: Visions will debut with a total of nine shorts on September 22nd on Disney+.

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