Now THIS Is A Rumor!

You know, and we know, that Star Wars is in trouble. The main cast have either been killed off in the movies, or unfortunately passed in real life. The sequel movies have been widely rejected by fandom. Each subsequent sequel left hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. Solo was the first ever flop in the Star Wars universe. The theme parks were empty and poorly reviewed even before COVID19, with feedback saying they felt like a food court and shopping mall rather than a Star Wars experience. The collective result of all this was that merchandising rights were practically worthless and the whole franchise was basically in the red from an aggregate point of view.

Welcome to Lucasfilm, a gender diverse workplace

The architect of such a debacle would be struggling to hold on in any industry, in any company. Even worse for Kathleen Kennedy, the rumored cause of much of Star Wars‘ pain, there is a crew in town showing how it should be done in the form of Rejwan, Filoni and Favreau. Meanwhile current studio superstar, Marvel supremo Kevin Fiege, can have his pick of Star Wars projects any time he likes over the head of Kennedy.

What A Mess!

However there is a rumor out there that is so crazy it might just be true. The rumor is that there is a secret plan, against Kennedy’s wishes, to retcon the entire Sequel Trilogy out of existence and effectively press a giant reset button. Certain factions within Lucasfilm have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to earn back fan interest and repair the damage that has been done.

How will they do it? Well sort of by borrowing a trick from the Star Trek redux movies. They will simply declare the sequel trilogy and Solo movie to be a potential alternative timeline.

This sounds absolutely crazy, like a fans fever dream and usually we would just dismiss something this far out in an instant. However there are two things that push this into the potentially true column.

How To Achieve The Impossible

First of all, a mechanism already exists within the Star Wars universe. During episode 13 of Star Wars Rebels the storyline introduced the Veil of the Force. The concept is that this is a mythical dimension that exists to connect all realities, all potential timelines, all possibilities based on all choices made and does it across all of space. The Star Wars equivalent of the MCU multiverse, we guess?

“What do you mean… erased?”

A more loyalist group of Star Wars creatives inside Lucasfilm want to use the Veil of the Force to declare the sequel trilogy its own timeline and permanently disconnect it from the rest of Star Wars. Like the Star Wars Legends content the sequel trilogy will just be considered as visions of a potential terrible future that could / will occur in another timeline.

So Crazy It Just Might Work!

Disney is well aware of the damage the sequel trilogy has done to one of their premiere brands. Decision makers can see the clear blue water between the reception received by  The Mandalorian vs the reception received by Kennedy’s output. It is clear that Rejwan, Filoni and Favreau are a force (ahem!) to be reckoned with in the galaxy far, far away.

Luke, Han and Leia?

Filoni clearly is the ultimate soul of Star Wars on the team, able to talk for hours on the smallest detail in the universe, bringing it passionately to life with nuance and infectious enthusiasm.  Favreau then knows how to bring the story into existence from the page and literally throws himself gleefully at new technology to solve any challenges but without losing sight of the story. Rejwan is the power behind the throne doing exactly what a good producer should do – making things happen and clearing the decks for her creative team rather than interfering.

With COVID battering the Disney P&L, with increasing debt and collapsing market cap until the income starts rolling again, then they simply cannot afford for Star Wars to under perform or go dormant. So both the means and the motive are present.

What else makes us seriously consider this rumor as having potential? In a word, the source.

This news comes to us from the wonderfully named Doomcock.  Normally we would think twice before repeating news directly from an internet commentator, but Doomcock has form for accuracy. He said things we could barely believe during the sequel trilogy based on his spy reports.

One by one those things were proved true as they came to pass. His hit rate is enviable and he seems to carefully consider and co-confirm gossip and rumor from multiple sources. So it’s not a SuperShadow production.

Here is Doomcock’s video so judge for yourself.

So if this is true then it seems increasingly unlikely that Kennedy can survive as internal creative forces marshal against her. Oh to be a fly on the wall in some of these meetings!