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Happy “May the Fourth”, Everyone!

I thought today was as good a time as any, after months of bickering about Gina Carano and her being let go from The Mandalorian, Pablo Hidalgo, and navigator rocks, that we focus back on the bright side of our favorite property set a long time ago and in a galaxy, far, far away. Just before all that mess hit the Twittersphere, things were looking up as what seemed like a legitimate theory had gained traction based on what we saw go down in last year’s awesome season two finale of Mando and the conflicting canonical elements it brought to the table.

So sit back, relax, and let me tell you why Dave Filoni may be the smartest person at Lucasfilm. Why Disney may have been distancing itself from the Star Wars sequel trilogy as of late, and why you should have been paying more attention to those “kids shows.”

“Star Wars Is Dead, No-one Had A Plan”

Regardless of how you may feel about the recent crop of films and the direction Lucasfilm has taken over the last eight years, things look to be on the rebound with a solid slate of streaming projects on Disney+. The majority of these are overseen by a dynamic duo of genuine Star Wars fans that actually seem to get the property.

One of which being The Clone Wars and Rebels mastermind Dave Filoni. Someone who, at a time where Lucasfilm was on the verge of creative chaos thanks to Rian Johnson’s subversion fueled The Last Jedi, apparently had enough sense to plant a narrative seed allowing them a way out if those choices didn’t fly with the masses.

A twist that is under the radar due to the fact most folks (unfortunately) don’t care about the animated Star Wars offerings, or that don’t understand what was shown, or flat-out refuse the possibility that…

“Ezra Split The Timeline!”

In the second season finale of Star Wars: Rebels, Ahsoka Tano is trapped within a Sith Temple amidst a duel with her former master, Darth Vader as Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus escape its closing walls. Once aboard the Ghost, Ezra believes Ahsoka died and regrets leaving her behind. Later we see an injured Vader stumble outside the temple, as Ahsoka enters a large doorway leading further into the ancient structure.

Two seasons later Ezra enters The World Between Worlds, a plane of existence that leads to other points in time via an array of large portals. He is lured over to one in particular by Ahsoka’s friend Morai, who motions for him to look inside. As Ezra gazes into the window to the past, he once again witnesses that fateful battle between Tano and Vader, only now he catches its ending.

As Vader is about to land a death blow on his friend, Ezra reached through the portal yelling her name distracting Vader in the process. This allows Ahsoka a split second to slam both her lightsabers into the floor, causing it to crumble and sending Vader tumbling into the abyss below. She is then pulled to safety into Ezra’s reality and a future point in her time.

Star Wars

While exploring the mysterious realm they found themselves in, Ezra manages to find the portal leading back to the point in time where his master, Kanan Jarrus sacrificed himself to save him and his friends. He questions reaching through again and saving Jarrus as he did Ahsoka. He is talked out of it when she fills him in on the consequences of messing with the timeline, something he had just unknowingly done.

Ahsoka eventually returns to her point in time as Ezra seals the area off for good. Or so we thought, as according to Wookiepedia, a subset of a Topps cards Artist Series – Dave Filoni, and the Ultimate Star Wars canon reference book, Ahsoka actually regained access to The World Between Worlds:

“Upon her entrance into the dark tunnel, Tano came across a flight of steps which took her deeper into the tunnel, eventually finding a stream and Morai waiting for her. She then entered the stream and followed Morai to another flight of steps that eventually led her to another portal into the World Between Worlds. With this, she stepped inside of it, returning to the mystical plane. Ahsoka Tano thus embarked on a spiritual journey that changed the course of her life.”

Those events weren’t shown in Star Wars: Rebels beyond her entering the doorway to the tunnel, so who knows if it will come into play down the line. This will complicate…

Ashoka’s Death And Apparent Timeline Split

In science fiction, there are two main methods of time travel. The silly everything exists on a straight line explanation of Back to the Future allowing you to hop back and forth erasing things in the future by changing elements in the past, or the less problematic branching theory where any little change to the past splits itself into an alternate timeline, allowing whatever happened in the time traveler’s reality to carry on its course. It still exists… it just exists over there.

Star Wars

There’s also the Dr. Manhattan approach. Everything is happening all at once. This leads to way too many questions, not to mention the fact it created a pretty big plothole involving the ending of HBO’s Watchmen.

Now, even though Star Wars: Rebels didn’t explicitly show the death of Ahsoka Tano, we can assume it happened, as something in the future cannot happen until it has in the past. Until Ezra reached through the portal of time, Vader never hesitated in killing Ahsoka.

She would have been dead up until the point Ezra changed that moment in time, and we know she died at some point as her voice can be heard with the other dead force users as they communicate with Rey in the climax of The Rise of Skywalker.

Now, sure, that doesn’t prove she died at that moment, but if they’re playing by the actual rules of that method of time travel, we can safely assume she did.

The entire act of Ezra interacting with the past would’ve caused multiple time splits, but we’re just gonna focus on two, the branch where Vader landed his killing blow and the branch where she re-entered the portal.

The Sequel Trilogy would now exist in the timeline where she was killed. Anything else we see Ahsoka involved in, future episodes of Star Wars: Rebels, and The Mandalorian, is in an alternate timeline. One where she is causing ripples by interacting with characters she wouldn’t have otherwise.

Star Wars

Mando was led to Skywalker by her, thus making Grogu the first student of Luke’s, not Ben Solo who was revealed as such in the third issue of Marvel’s Rise of Kylo Ren comic last year.

Also, something to take into account, because Moff Gideon was apprehended (as was Dr. Pershing), there’s no guarantee that their research of the child’s blood led to the creation of Snoke, who could very well have been erased from existence even with this week’s Vader comic revelation that Luke’s (Anakin’s?!) hand was also used in the cloning process. If that’s the case, would Palpatine still be able to force a wedge between Ben and his uncle?

Both points of consideration stem from conflicting canonical elements. Either Lucasfilm’s Star Wars story group is slacking and they’ll get to these plotholes eventually, OR there’s a legit reason for them.

“You Don’t Know If The Rules They’re Using Would Split The Timeline”

A complaint I’ve heard when discussing the matter, and yes it’s true. Until they explicitly give proof of a split, something more than conflicting information presented in a comic book most folks didn’t read, it’s just a theory, but here’s the thing, it would be incredibly stupid to introduce such a foreign element such as time travel to the Star Wars Universe and not have it matter.

Why create The World Between Worlds to only have one specific character pulled into the future and tossed back to her period of time before seemingly closing off that element forever if it wasn’t for some other reason beyond saving her life? There were countless ways to have Ahsoka survive a duel with Vader beyond pulling time travel out of the hat. There has to be more to it than that.

“By Splitting The Timeline, It Would Be Disney Admitting It Is Wrong”

Would it? Or would it be a way to repackage and sell the same thing much like they’re doing now with every animated film in their library, but in a manner that would lead the fans back? Look, I don’t need to go over the state of Star Wars as a whole, we all know where it sits, where the fandom lies, what they would prefer, and the mudslinging that goes on back and forth between them and certain folks at Lucasfilm.

This isn’t the place for that, it’s a distraction, but I think it’s clear more folks were enamored with the return of OG Luke, than what they got in the sequels including that horseshit ending with “Rey…Rey Skywalker.”

Star Wars

Disney’s aware of this, they’re also aware of the one original character they can lay claim to that became a pop culture phenomenom and merchandising juggernaut after The Last Jedi pretty much tanked the Star Wars toy sales with normies clogging up shelves with unsold Snoke, Holdo, and Rose Tico figures. Hell, they didn’t even give Rise of Skywalker a proper line from what I saw randomly scanning the toy aisle of the local Walmarts.

“The Child” turned the merchandising tide, and regardless of that rumored “civil war” behind the scenes at Lucasfilm, I can’t imagine they’re not going to capitalize the buzz Luke’s appearance garnered, especially since they’ve placed their cash cow under his tutelage.

Here lies the problem, with all the praise The Mandalorian has been given, and no matter how jazzed some may be for the insane amount of projects they have in the pipeline, as some fans say…

“…all roads lead to Jake Skywalker drinking green milk from a seacow’s tit”

Why should they get on board fully when the outcome is so infamously polarizing? By changing up the timeline it gives them an assurance that things will play out differently. For the better. Not just for Luke, but eventually Ben, Han, and maybe even characters like Finn who should’ve been a Jedi by the end of the trilogy by most folks reflection.

“They’re Not Remaking The Films.”

No shit they’re not remaking the films, but they wouldn’t be erasing them either in this instance. When Star Trek branched into the Kelvin timeline back in 2009’s reboot (for better or worse) it moved the story to that reality while everything and everyone went right along with their business in the original. Everything would still exist, we’d still see the formation of the First Order, and other elements that lead to the foundation of the Sequel Trilogy, but in a new timeline things can play out differently.

Allowing more creative freedom, more twists and turns, and a greater chance to offer genuine water-cooler moments on the level of something like LOST… back when people liked LOST.

And yes, I’m well aware Jon Favreau has said The Mandalorian and its spinoff shows would lead to the new Star Wars trilogy, but at this time I refuse to believe that’s absolute confirmation that all roads lead there. There’s too much conflicting evidence, plus he wouldn’t blow the surprise a year or more out from the twist the Ahsoka series may drop. A show which has a title logo that features imagery of guess what? The World Between Worlds.

“Disney Doesn’t Care About The Fans, They Care About Money”

Disney’s made their money off the Star Wars sequels, the actors have all moved on and tossed shade at the films, and there’s little chance of another merchandising push of the characters and events of those films at this point. Disney’s moved on as well, to the Mando-verse, revisiting Obi-Wan, and The High Republic. Why push forward to an outcome most despise, even its cast?

A “What If?” alternate universe scenario could possibly lure them back though, a Star Wars film where their characters took different paths allowing the opportunity to redeem several that was terribly wasted. Heck, they could even toss a bone towards the Rey-los in that reality giving Rey and Ben a less creepy relationship. The possibilities are endless, and that’s just shit they could do years from now.

In the meantime, however, its probably a safe bet we will at some point get that much speculated Young Skywalker project featuring Grogu, and I would think Ben Solo, as that seems to be what those ripples in time are mostly pertaining to. This has the possibility that Snoke wouldn’t be in the mix, so imagine how different the paths of Rey and Ben would be.

Star Wars

Still, I understand time travel in Star Wars is such a foreign concept, it makes this theory hard to swallow, but to all the naysayers out there, and that one poindexter (you know who you are), just wait. Just you wait, because like y’know, this is one of those “wait and see” types of deal, but hopefully when the Ahsoka show finally drops, it’ll reveal this is in fact the direction they are taking things.

If it isn’t though, those of us that have been pushing this theory as if it’s gospel have wasted a hell of a lot of time. If that ends up being the case, I have no problem admitting I was wrong.

I myself have been known to make mistakes… from time to time.

Oh dear, oh dear.

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