The Star Wars sequel trilogy may have died on it’s ass. Lucasfilm may be in turmoil with Kathleen Kennedy announcing new projects that never see the light of day, while being forced into climb downs over her choice of writers. Galaxy’s Edge may have been a let-down due to Lucasfilm interference, even before COVID19 hit. However there is still one place where Star Wars can kick-ass. In the form of a good video game.

We have to admit, Star Wars: Squadrons is looking promising. Now EA have released a new CG-animated short film that that ties into their upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons game.

Motive Studio worked with Lucasfilm and ILM to tell the backstory of one of the pilots in the game. Immediately following Return Of The Jedi, you will be thrust into the last battles of the Galactic Civil War as either a pilot of the New Republic or the Empire remnants.

The short film follows an Imperial pilot who is shot down and vows revenge on the Rebellion in the name of the Empire.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be available October 2nd on all major platforms.

And now I am sad that a six minute short film is better than three whole main trilogy Star Wars movies.