There is a lot of Star Wars happening in the UK right now. Obi-Wan is spinning up, with an entire Tatooine village built near the studios. Filming is also underway on the Rogue One prequel series Andor.

This will follow the espionage antics of Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor character. In the original cut of Rogue One he was a much darker, more ambiguous character who was willing to go to extreme lengths. Glimpses of this were seen in his killing of Danny May’s informer character at the start of Rogue One.

Lucasfilm’s crisis of tonal confidence was said to lead to his character being altered to make him less morally questionable. Maybe with the increased freedom of the TV format they can return to this more interesting view of the character?

Time will tell. Meanwhile the ever reliable team at Making Star Wars continue their stellar work to bring us a mother lode is behind the scenes pictures of the production.

Location shooting is happening in Cleveleys, Lancashire. This coastal town is about 4 miles North of Blackpool and features the rolling Irish Sea and a lengthy, windswept beach.

The pictures Making Star Wars have captured show Diego Luna in his new costume and some of the set. They also show that the Shoretroopers from Rogue One will feature.

Toby Haynes is directing the first three episodes. Tony Gilroy is showrunner.

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