We love a good theme park experience here at the Last Movie Outpost.  We love Star Wars… sometimes.

It’s never even up for debate that Disney Imagineers are among the best in the business.  The attention to detail paid to even the most mundane part of the ride, such as the queue, is something that sets most Disney experiences apart from the regimented queuing system at your average park.  By the time you get into the ride proper the effect is complete and the immersion is a step beyond anything anyone else offers.

So we were massively excited to see what Disney would come up with when Star Wars was added into the mix.  After all, who doesn’t love Star Tours?

Imagine our disappointment when a long awaited Star Wars Land, tagged Galaxy’s Edge, opened at Disney in LA and Orlando that turned out to be seriously sub-standard.

Stocked with Sequel Trilogy characters with no beloved classic theming in sight, it also had just one ride.  Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run was basically a glorified rebrand of Mission: Space from Epcot.

This lack of experiences meant that Galaxy’s Edge resembled a themed food court and merchandise shopping mall rather than a fully interactive experience with thrills and spills.  Even other things tagged as “experiences” such as building a droid and a lightsaber were just thinly disguised retail opportunities.

Still at least you could wash away the taste of being exploited with a $7 Coke in a souvenir bottle that you weren’t even allowed to take home on the plane because it looked like a grenade.

One ride was delayed due to its technical complexity.  Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance.

Judging by this walkthrough from SoCal Attractions 360 it seems it was worth the wait.  Leaving aside the Sequel Trilogy branding, this looks spectacular.

Laser blasts. Full sized AT-AT’s blasting chunks out of the wall over your head.  Lightsabers cutting through panels.  A space battle raging outside the window.  Finally it seems like they have nailed an experience worthy of the title Star Wars.

There were breakdowns on opening day due to the ride complexity but they are apparently rectified.

Now if you will excuse me I am off to the bank to remortgage my home so that I can take my family on vacation there next year.

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