For a short time in history Star Wars was the best thing every and everyone loved it! Nowadays, things are different.

In 1999, The Phantom Menace came out and the fans started to split. Some loved the prequel, some hated it. It was odd that even George Lucas himself is the one that started the fan split, but that is history.

In 2012 George was out and Disney was in. They bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion and this is where the civil war among Star Wars fandom really started. The Last Jedi came out and split the fans. Many hated it, but some claimed it was amazing. The Rise of Skywalker pushed fandom even further apart. In some places, it was all out fan war.


A stan is an obsessive fan. They love a property, a franchise, a movie, or a TV series without seeing any faults whatsoever. Fans of Star Wars aren’t happy about what is happening to the characters or the canon. The stans love everything Star Wars, it’s all amazing and can do no wrong. Sometimes they even tie themselves up in knots to defend what is presented.

Disney seem to be using this divide. They appeal to the stans and almost enable them. Maybe this is in the hope that shareholders don’t notice notices what they are actually doing to one of the most valuable entertainment properties on the planet?

If you still have any feelings for Star Wars, are you a fan or are you a stan?

This is a shorter version of this video. There is a longer one in the pipeleine that I am working on with Eggy. Let us know what you think?

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