Happy Star Wars Day to everyone!

I know May The 4th isn’t as big a day as it used to be, but I for one, love it. I have A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back lined up today. I’m going to be doing Return of the Jedi later in the week, coz I have a new TV turning up.

Star Wars

I will always love Star Wars, it reminds me of my dad, our home made cinema and the good times I’ve had. Here’s a video I’ve been working on, My Journey With Star Wars – A Story of Love and Hate – Part 1.

I was hoping to get it all done in one go, since there’s still so much to talk about.

Maybe, like me, you grew up with Star Wars, it may have been your first movie at the cinema, maybe you had all the action figures. Are you someone that has fallen out of love with it? I will be talking about that in Part 2 of this video. Disney taking over was a mixed bag of feelings for everyone I think….what were they going to do? How were the movies and TV series going to turn out?

Whatever your feelings are on Star Wars, I hope you can remember the good times. What are you recollections about seeing it? What are your favorite moments? Are you doing anything special today/this week?

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