Leaks To Counter Leaks

Star Trek is in trouble and a series of leaks hitting online channels over the last month have pointed to a terrible situation within ViacomCBS.

First came the news that the media giant was so furious with the state of all things Trek that it was considering killing the whole thing.  Then came the ViacomCBS streaming announcement that seemed to confirm the explosive nature of the earlier leaks.

One thing mentioned by a proven informer was that ViacomCBS was so unsettled by the seemingly accurate leaks that they, themselves, via a media operation were apparently pushing out counter leaks to try and undermine the validity of any news pointing to an internal crisis.

So when a series of alleged new leaks about the future of Star Trek reveals two new spin-off shows and a new season of a show fandom considers a failure, directly opposing some earlier leaks, we are not sure which way to turn.

Captain Pike

Firstly, some details about a Discovery spin-off series centred around Anson Mount’s Captain Pike. According to the rumour, a show about Captain Pike will be announced at this years Comic-Con in San Diego.

There weren’t really many details other than that it will be a serialized show like Discovery and Picard where we will see Pike –

“…saving the universe from a different threat each season and Number One will get a lot more focus than before…”

Captain Pike was first seen on screen in the unaired pilot for the original Star Trek. The studio wasn’t happy with that pilot, so Gene Roddenberry recast and came up with Captain Kirk. But Pike continued on as part of Trek canon and most recently appeared on Star Trek: Discovery as a major part of the show in season 2.

Starfleet Academy

Secondly, the leak states the other show that will also be announced at this years Comic-Con will be titled Starfleet Academy.

The leak states –

Starfleet Academy is a drama about students aimed for late teens and young adults who want to still look like “quirky nerds.”

Star Trek: Picard

The leak also provides information on where CBS plans to take Star Trek: Picard in Season 2. The leak states –

Picard season 2 focuses on Q Continuum. Janeway, Guinan, Q and Sisko are set to return.”

So will Whoopi Goldberg return?  Who will play the replacement Q?

Subterfuge Or Legitimate?

What to think?  What to believe?  Why do we care after Star Trek has been so defiled?  Do any of you think they are valid? What are your thoughts?

The wisdom of the Outposters shall no doubt prevail below.