Well, I guess that’s something. Something actually happened. I suppose I can finally rate an episode since the first one as “not terrible.”

No matter how good any particular episode might be, it still can’t get away from the fundamental issues with the broken universe these hacks have created. This episode finally FINALLY settles into actually making things happen in this universe.

Picard gets to the borg artifact and rescues Soji just as her Romulan boyfriend goes all toxic masculinity and puts his job first. His job just happens to be getting info out of Soji and killing her.

Men, amirite?

She begins to activate which gives her superpowers which she uses to escape. For once they use some sort of tracking tech so Picard and Soji run into each other instead of “fancy meeting you here” coincidences.

There was actually some thought put into cause and effect in this one.

Picard uses Raffi, who has gone full-blown stage 5 alcoholic, to get diplomatic access to the artifact. I guess you can just get access if you wear the uniform to anyone you want. It’s a little contrived but I guess it’s at least addressed. It wasn’t like Picard just showed up and rang the doorbell.

“The Impossible Box” — sounds dirty and accurate if she’s an android. I’m just saying.

When he gets there, he alone is allowed to beam in. When he does, is there anyone there to greet him? Or do they deposit him in the creepiest part of the Borg cube and let him have PTSD twitches for a while before Hugh finally decides to show up?

I’ll give you one guess.

I’ll admit the reunion of Picard and Hugh was well done, especially given the limited amount of screen time they have actually spent together. They have a bond of both having been former Borg and the show leans into that in all the right ways. Fair’s fair, when they do something right, I have to mention it.

But the rest of the episode is kinda rote rescue stuff. Elnor Legolas, the Romulan space ninja jumps in at the end to cover their escape. Which involves a weird doorway like the old Iconian doorway from TNG Episode…..

All right, it doesn’t matter. Point is there was zero reason he couldn’t go through the door too. Stupid is as stupid does.

So while at least things happened and the plot finally moved along leaving little time for stupid politicizing, there was still a lot of dumb stuff that happened with character choices or setups.

Logic waved bye-bye to these hack writers a while ago.

It gets two stars. One for no real proselytizing and one for the nice Hugh/Picard reunion.