The latest installment of our series Celebrating 1982 Movies is here and you just knew this had to be on the list, so why keep you in suspense? Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan is a quintessential 1982 movie, maybe more so than any other despite not being the most successful of that year.


Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan really redefined Star Trek for decades. Much of what came later was thanks to this movie’s success. I’ve seen it more than any other Star Trek Movie and I’ll bet you have too. But hey! Let’s not spoil everything in the video, check it out!

Check out the rest of our articles and videos celebrating this most special of movie-going years. So far we checked out Steven Spielberg’s almost perfect family movie E.T, and then John Carpenter’s exquisitely crafted The Thing.

The year just keeps on giving. Was there a better year in movie history? It’s a strong contender. Can you name a better one, and what are your favourite 1982 movies?

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