I bailed on Star Trek: Discovery before the end of Season 1, primarily due to hideously unlikable characters and space based soap-opera antics that defied anything resembling life on a starship as previously defined in Star Trek. I tried to reconnect later to check out the Enterprise and the crew but it was just impossible to care. I thought the writing was on the wall for this show.

Somehow it just keeps going. Re-introduce dead characters via the deus ex machina of a mirror universe? Bring in a much loved and iconic former setting? Introduce a younger, re-cast version of a favourite character? Every trick in the book that a dying show can play to just keep clinging on to life. Now the final throw of the dead show dice has been made… the retooling!

Remember when Buck Rogers went on The Searcher in Season 2? The A-Team series with Robert Vaughn? When Baywatch went to Hawaii? This is the death spasm of a show, make no mistake.

Star Trek: Discovery has been retooled so the new season will see the crew having jumped 930 years into their future. This is well beyond the mid-2200s of the first two seasons and past even the late 2300s of the Picard era. They will be in the year 3187 therefore allowing them to not have to worry about anything pesky like established canon.

Fear it, because now there is nothing keeping Alex Kurtzman in check.

CBS All Access has announced it will hit the bricks on October 15th, 18 months after the last season completed.

Jonathan Frakes is directing multiple episodes of the new season and has previously talked a big tonal shift towards action and adventure. David Ajala joins the cast. Unless Netflix global money keeps this alive then it would probably be a safe bet that this will be the last season.

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