Star Trek is fifty-five years old! These are things that make us feel old. This, and the thought that the gap between 1980 and 2021 is the same as the gap between 1980 and 1939. To take our minds off our inevitable slide towards old age and death we need something to take our minds off this stuff. Maybe Star Trek Day can distract us?

To celebrate this anniversary Paramount+ will present us with a live streaming event to be hosted by Wesley Crusher himself – Will Wheaton. His co-host will be LeVar Burton’s daughter Mica.

The day is set for September 8th  and will start at 5:30pm US-PT. To warm us up for Star Trek Day they have produced quite a groovy little trailer spanning all the generations of Trek.

If there are any complaints, it’s a bit heavy on new, broadly unlikeable Star Trek. We will be getting far more of this, as the expected line-up for the event, while not confirmed, is thought to include the first trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. This is likely as Strange New Worlds getting its own panel so it is expected we’ll actually get to see something from this new show.

Also expected to be included is a trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 and Star Trek: Picard Season 2.

There is some speculation that the new Kelvin-verse movie may also be announced, but this could just be fan speculation.

Filming on the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery just wrapped, as has Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There has been some debate lately around the future of Star Trek, with Simon Pegg saying it is best on the small screen now. Paramount, however, will not give up on its cinematic franchise.

The event will be available for free through the official website, the Paramount+ streaming service, the Paramount+ Twitch page, and the Paramount+ YouTube channel.