Hot off the heels of Star Trek legend William Shatner saying Gene Roddenberry would be turning in his grave at today’s Star Trek, a Strange New Worlds actress took to Twitter.

Melissa Navia, who has been part of Star Trek for less than a year, has appeared in just 13 episodes of Strange New Worlds, and is mostly known for having a shit haircut decided to start a war of words with proper Star Trek fans by slagging off Shatner. 

Call me silly, but I think deciding to cuss off a man who is beloved by millions, who has been part of Star Trek for nearly 60 years, and has appeared in 79 episodes and 7 movies, is not the smartest thing to do?

This is either a case of thinking she is more important than she is to this franchise, or just not being too bright. Likely both.

Shatner Navia
Navia’s character Erica Ortegas is stunning and brave.

The Ill-Judged Tweet

On Wednesday, Melissa Navia retweeted a fan who wrote:

“This ultra reactionary energy Shatner stans exude is so jarring.”

Navia responded by commenting on their attacks on her. 

Navia’s character Erica Ortegas seems pretty normal but, because of her haircut, the usual mob are claiming her to be non-binary or a lesbian or something. As you can imagine, this is what the tiny fanbase of new Trek fans claim is the reason behind Shatner’s comment. 

And even though Star Trek’s entire premise from day one has been about acceptance, pushing boundaries and tackling social issues head on, the blue hairs are claiming this is an entirely new thing. 

Star Trek: Discovery is currently commanded by a black woman. Gay relationships both feature on Discovery and Picard. Discovery also has trans characters played by trans actors, as well as a non-binary cast member. In this world of of so-called inclusivity, by Discovery‘s third season, there wasn’t a single cisgendered heterosexual white male (a super straight white man, to you and I) playing such in the entire regular series cast. Yeah, so no agenda at all.

Shatner Discovery
The cast of Discovery – the absolute state of it!

Picking Fights You Cannot Win

Navia wasn’t finished there. She then decided to take a direct dig at Shatner. She whined that perhaps Shatner hasn’t watched any of the new show (if he has any sense he hasn’t) and perhaps he doesn’t even fully watch his own work.

She later said that unless he (Bill) reached out to her directly, she was assuming that Shatner hadn’t seen a second of any of the other material

I have no idea what Navia means by that but then again, I doubt she does either. It sounds like she’s looking to boost her own profile by piggybacking off Shatner’s legendary status.

These people are such egomaniacs. I’d wager Shatner has no idea who she is and never will. I wish I could say the same. 

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