It’s been a while since he did a major, potential tent pole like this, but we hear George Clooney is reportedly interested in playing Buck Rogers, and executive producing for Legendary Pictures too.

Brian K. Vaughan is writing a limited series that will form part of a movie and anime franchise if the initial series is a success. It is said to be big budget and prestige.
In the original 1920s pulp comics Rogers is trapped by a mysterious gas in a mine that places him in suspended animation for 500 years. When he is found and awakened he is enlisted to help fight a war between several gangs in the ruins of America.

The short-lived NBC adaption Buck Rogers in the 25th Century first screened in 1979 and introduced a generation of young boys to the magnificence that was Erin Gray.

It also starred Gil Gerard as William “Buck” Rogers. An astronaut who is frozen during a freak space accident and awakens to an earth under attack by Princess Ardala. The equally magnificent Pamela Hensley.

You know, now I think about it, I finally understand why my Dad was perfectly happy to watch this show with me.