Lunatic At Large, the long-lost and unmade Stanley Kubrick film, is set to be revived by veteran producers Bruce Hendricks and Galen Walker.

The film, which is one of three film screenplays found inside the Kubrick archives after his death, was originally made in collaboration with author and screenwriter Jim Thompson.

While plot details and information about the 70-page treatment remains a total mystery, Hendricks and Walker described the script as a –

“film noir thriller in keeping with other collaborations between Kubrick and his frequent collaborator, screenwriter Jim Thompson.”

“The opportunity to bring a Stanley Kubrick project to the screen after so many years is a dream come true,”

“We look forward to making a film in keeping with his unique style and vision.”

“Stanley Kubrick was an enormous influence on so many directors, and we are honoured that the Kubrick Estate has entrusted us with one of his original ideas.”

Back in 2018, another Kubrick screenplay was unearthed 60 years after it was first written.

Burning Secret was found by Bangor University professor Nathan Abrams while researching a new book about the filmmaker.

Burning Secret was an adaptation of a 1913 novella by the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, written by Kubrick in 1956 with novelist Calder Willingham. It tells the story of an insurance salesman befriending a 10-year-old boy in order to seduce the child’s mother.

The new Lunatic At Large project arrives as another attempt added to the long line of filmmakers who have regularly tried to make use of Kubrick’s unmade projects. Read LMO’s Evil Ash’s article here about the efforts made to make Kubrick’s Napoleon. You can read LMO’s behind the scenes article for The Shining here.

Hendricks also confirmed production will be run through Emerald Bay Entertainment and FineLine Media, and that they hope to begin filming Lunatic At Large later in 2021.