With production on hiatus due to COVID19 and Warner Bros. shifting their slate around way into 2021 in order to accommodate the smouldering crater where the summer 2020 movie season used to be, details have been slow emerging from The Batman.

However you can’t keep the internet down!  Traditional spies such as those that kickstarted the internet movie website boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s are a thing of the past. In those halcyon days we devoured every morsel of information regarding Star Wars prequels, this thing called The Matrix, rumors that somebody really was going to make a Lord Of The Rings trilogy. These were often smuggled out of offices and studios by eager geeks like ourselves who has made good and got a job on the inside.

Nearly 25 years online and in these communities for some of us. God, we feel old!

Movie sets got more locked down. Studios got more internet savvy, as security measures were introduced on scripts and design images.  Slowly the system captured the very renegade reporters and locked them in with set visits, screening passes and, as the internet notoriously remembers, “pwesents!”.

Older sites just ended up reporting what they were told by the studios. Would be spies were NDA’d into submission by lawyered up Producers. Traditional online movie spy reports withered and practically died.

However in some dark corners of the internet these people still lurk. Dropping a hint here, a morsel there. They bring us snippets that it’s easy to dismiss yet frequently they are born out as correct.  Such as the infamous Doomcock leaks around how awful The Rise Of Skywalker was, including details that were absolutely correct about what ended up in the final cut.

Some of these dark corners of the internet have started to whisper once more with some details about The Batman, and some intriguing information regarding the direction the DCEU is about to go in.

Firstly they confirm that The Batman will be set in the present day.  No retro work to make him a young version of Affleck.  The movie will not contain his origin and will be set two years into his Bat career.  His parents murder will be referenced.

Whereas other Batman movies have tended to drown out the Bat in favor of the rogues gallery this movie focuses squarely on Batman himself and he carries the story.  While there will be action this movie really will showcase Batman’s detective skills like never before.

He will be using these skills alongside newly appointed Commissioner Gordon to solve a series of murders in Gotham City.  Somebody is killing Mayoral candidates for the upcoming election and leaving a riddle at the scene of each crime. Everyone from the Falcone crime syndicate to various freakish gang bosses are at each other’s throats as the suspicion falls on each in turn and this mysterious cloaked figure cuts a swathe through their operations investigating the murders.

The character of Harvey Dent is not in this movie after he was cut during a script rewrite. The character of Robin will not appear.

One mayoral candidate in the potential firing line is Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot.  This candidate has something of a dark side and a side hustle he wouldn’t want anyone to know about.

On the subject of Cobblepot, there will apparently be some transformation of Colin Farrell for the role. Stage actor Rob McClure is playing the lead role in the stage version of Mrs Doubtfire and in a video chat this week he dropped some news.

McClure says he recently visited an FX company to get outfitted for the prosthetics needed to help him play the character.  While he was being fitted he learnt that the same company was working on The Batman, specifically on the prosthetics for The Penguin character.

The Batman now sits in an October 2021 release slot.  If that holds will depend on how fast the world emerges from its COVID hibernation.

The really interesting rumor out there is that there is a big reason why Warner Bros. are seemingly going hard to get The Flash to the screen now after appearing lukewarm for so long.  The Flash will hold the key to the DCEU shake-up with a variation on a Flashpoint style time and parallel universe story  allowing certain members of the old Justice League roster, enemies and supporting characters to be replaced with alternative versions to go forward.

The Flash will effectively be a giant reset button to wash away the disaster that was Justice League while allowing them to keep what, and who, worked while recasting and reshaping where necessary.

Holy cow!!  Will any of this come true? Well it’s coming from people and places on the internet that have a good track record.  Only time, as always, will tell.