Spider-Man: No Way Home is showing serious legs at the box office, raking in another $33million despite having been on release for a month. Do you know who would have killed for $33million at the box office this weekend? The 355.


The female-led spy thriller is shaping up to bomb, and bomb hard. Another Charlie’s Angels could be on hand here. This is despite star and producer Jessica Chastain being very clear that the movie wasn’t just for girls, it looks like the boys stayed home again.

The figures from The Hollywood Reporter say the Simon Kinberg-directed $40 million feature got just $4.8 million over its opening weekend. It was beaten into third place by Sing 2, which is also available on PVOD from this weekend. So a bad showing for The 355 all around.

The 355 also reviewed badly with a 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This is the first major studio release of 2022 and the first flop. The rest of the pack will be hoping this is not a harbinger. As the audience was older for this, with 80% of ticket sales in the over 30s, we would imagine 20th Century Studios are looking nervously at these figures with Death On The Nile in the pipeline.

The 355 will fall under the new Universal theatrical window deal. As it has low box office it will be available on PVOD in 17 days.

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