Yeah. Spider-Man: No Way Home has got to be the ultimate fan-service movie. Damned if wasn’t grinning ear to ear in a lot of places anyway.

Maybe because it’s not just fan service, but plot service and character service so all the things necessary to earn these moments. It makes it a little hard to review without sounding giddy.


This is your Spider-Man: No Way Home review and I will keep it spoiler-free, so don’t expect this to be too long.

What you expect happens and if you aren’t happier than pigs in shit about it, then you’re a soulless monster and I got nothing for you.

Look I don’t gush too much these days and certainly not over a Disney Joint, but Spider-Man: No Way Home was just done right. Everything worked and everything made sense. The characters grew. It actually made characters from movie series’ long since dead grow too. You already have seen the trailers and, yes, all those villains show up. Who would’ve thought they would get a chance to grow?

1970's Spider-Man
Ok one spoiler: This guy is not in the movie.

One thing also they do correctly in this movie is understand that the people in-universe have no such nostalgia for these characters as we do in the audience. They are never disrespected but you also never get the stupid “My name…. is KHAAAN” moment like in Star Trek Into Darkness.

When Marvel is on all cylinders they know how to manipulate an audience. I was happy for every moment of it. My only criticism is that Marvel believes the new characters they’ve added will have the same level of audience goodwill as some classics so don’t believe they have to take the same amount of care to develop them.

That’s probably the real shame of it all. Still, other than that, thanks for one last truly great MCU moment.

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