This Spring, Peter Parker will eschew his classic costume for a new costume that is white, blue, orange, and ugly.

The costume was designed by artist Dustin Weaver and will first appear this March in Amazing Spider-Man #61 and is expected to be used in issue #62, where he fights the Kingpin and will continue to be used in subsequent issues.

With floundering sales across the industry, this is just a typical cash grab gimmick that is another pathetic attempt to boost sales of an overpriced ($3.99 an issue), outright poor product fit to line a birdcage.

I’m sure this will boost the laughable sales of this series over the 100,000 mark, which is pathetic considering it used to consistently sell over 400,000 units a month for decades but has been slowly circling the drain since the mid-1990s.

The House of Ideas is dead. Oh well.