Christmas is a time for miracles, and for special wishes, and as we know, Hollywood is a bit special! For every slam dunk or home run the industry scores, it misses huge open goals more frequently.

Seriously, what other industry could be handed the opportunity to continue Star Wars and bring back together almost the entire original cast, only to present us with what we were eventually given? To make such a monumental car crash of it?

And how do you actually make a mess of Justice League?

So, here at Last Movie Outpost, we have some special Christmas wishes about movies that we make today, on Baby Jesus’ birthday, in the hope that a Christmas miracle may happen. Like in a Hallmark movie!


Here is what a few of our contributors are wishing for, from movies, this Christmas. Will anyone listen? Help us Santa! Help us Baby Jesus!


“I wish that people would start to learn from their mistakes in Hollywood. But they don’t. People seem to fail upwards. Look at the smoking ruin of Star Wars on the big screen after an OK start. Then look at how people respond to The Mandalorian. Anyone with a functioning brain would therefore know the way forward… and the entire top table at Lucasfilm would have been cleared out on the creative side. But Lucasfilm just doesn’t seem to be able to learn. Same with the DCEU at Warner Bros. Star Trek over at Paramount. Why do they not learn? Also… please don’t let The Book Of Boba Fett suck.”

Shawn Thompson

“I would wish for a return of all practical effects in at least action and horror movies if not superhero films. I realize comic book films like The Avengers have to have CGI and I am fine with that. But I want, more than anything, a return to practical FX for the majority of action and horror flicks.”


“I wish for more visionary craftsmen to be given resources enough to again go back to telling compelling stories. Filmmaking should be a hands-on practical art that requires problem-solving instead of fixing things with computers. For Christmas by itself? All I want is for big social media companies to be declared publishers. F*ck them right in the ass.”

Not George Lucas

“Good storytelling. Forget trying to please everyone, all the protestors, all the blue ticks, all of the moaners….just make things that you find funny, or scary, or interesting.

The story is the backbone of any movie, the actors, the music, the visuals are all the meat… if the story doesn’t work, the rest just end up looking like the Elephant Man. I wish they would let new storytellers loose and not control their content.”


“I would wish for either new movie studios that are interested in storytelling above marketing, or for the conglomerates to hand over creative control to the talent. Also, for J.J. Abrams and his acolytes (Lindelof, Kurtzman, etc) to never work in Hollywood again.”


“I have a couple of obvious wishes, one is for a Hollywood that isn’t so reliant on superhero movies, the odd one here and there is fine, but enough with the over-saturation. My other wish is to see fewer reboots/re-imaginings/prequels/sequels, again the odd one here and there was always the norm, but the lack of creativity and risk-taking in modern times is killing movies. And fuck Rian Johnson.”

What about our Outposters? What are your special Christmas movie wishes?

And from us here at Last Movie Outpost to each and every one of you, a very Merry Christmas.

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