Kevin Spacey was cleared of sexual assault in his $40 million New York trial. He is still not out of the woods yet though. There were also question marks hanging over him from his time in the prestigious role of artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in London. He faces multiple accusations relating to sexual offences that he strenuously denies. He will face trial at the Old Bailey in London in the summer. He hasn’t been avoiding London completely. It’s the setting for his returning role, in Control.


He will star in the upcoming British indie feature for director Gene Fallaize for Cupsogue Pictures. Adam Southwick and Emily Hasseldine produce.

Control follows Lauren Metcalfe (Bridgerton, Full Bodied) as the British Home Secretary driving home one night while engaging in a secret love affair with the Prime Minister (Mark Hampton – Town vs Town, Acceptance).

Lauren Metcalf

Somebody knows her secret and has been badly affected by it. He wants revenge. He remotely hijacks her fully self-driving car and forces her on a rampage through the streets of London, using the car she’s trapped in as a deadly weapon.

Spacey will play the hijacker in what is thought to be a voice only role. Production on Control is already underway at Camberwell Studios and on location across London.

Despite all the baggage, director Gene Fallaize (Superman Requiem) says he wrote the movie with him in mind, saying:

“He’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. His personal life aside — it’s something I can’t comment on and have no knowledge of — it’s an opportunity to work with one of the acting greats.”

Spacey was forced to pay $31 million in damages to the producers of House Of Cards after the American accusations caused the show to be cancelled in the wake of his #MeToo moment. Does he get that money back now all those charges were dismissed?

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