No, it’s not Duchess MeAgain and her Ginger Whinger lawyering up after being brutally taken down by South Park last week. This is Warner Bros. Discovery, who have filed a lawsuit against Paramount claiming they are being stitched up over a $500 million licensing deal from October 2019.


Warner Bros. Discovery claim they secured the streaming rights to the South Park franchise with the assurance there would be three new seasons of ten episodes each. The suit alleges that only two episodes were delivered for the first of those seasons, and only six for the second, with the third season expected to also consist of only six episodes. So 14 episodes rather than the 30 they were expecting. This means they feel they have overpaid.

The suit goes further. It was filed Friday in New York State Supreme Court, and it alleges Paramount are further devaluing their rights and breaching the contract by producing South Park specials and pushing them on Paramount+. This is at the expense of HBO.


The claim is that Paramount using “verbal trickery” to refer to the fourteen specials they secured from creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in a $900 million deal as films/events so outside the terms of their deal. The wording is pretty harsh. They claim Paramount are guilty of:

“…multiple and flagrant duplicitous contortions of fact and breaches of contract and aim to recover the hundreds of millions of dollars in damages…”

Paramount have clapped back and denied the allegations while accusing Warner Bros. Discovery of failing to pay the license fees that it owes under the agreement for South Park. They say A Paramount Global spokesperson says in a statement:

“We believe these claims are without merit and look forward to demonstrating so through the legal process.”

Yay! Billable hours! Doubles all round at several high-profile law firms.

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