COVID19 delays are pretty much a given in movie-land right now.  Anything and everything is moving back or popping up on VOD way ahead of schedule.

Sony Pictures have rolled out their big gun.  Effectively assume summer 2020 is gone and re-plan for 2021.  Ballsy move Sony, ballsy move.  They have announced that they have pushed their summer tentpoles to 2021.

The Tom Hanks movie Greyhound moves from June 12th 2020 to TBD.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife originally set for July 10th 2020, will now open March 5th 2021.

In a move that will devastate all Outposters we learn that Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, originally set for August 7th 2020, will now open January 15th 2021.  I am not sure how we will ever recover from this news.

Marvel collaboration Morbius switches from July 31st 2020 to March 19th 2021.

The Tom Holland-led Uncharted, moves from originally set for March 5th 2021 to December 8th 2021.  This gives it time to fit in another two director changes at least.

A mysterious undated, and untitled new Marvel collaboration has now got a date, at least!  That is October 8th 2021.

The magnitude of this move would indicate that Sony share the developing view that theatres will not be opening again until mid-or late Summer.

August. We can still save August.