There are a lot of very annoyed gamers out there today. What has set them off? The upcoming Marvel Avengers game. Specifically the fact that Spider-Man will only appear on the PlayStation version.

The game will be released on 4 September across several platforms including PS4, Xbox One and PC. Spidey will be downloadable content (DLC) on just the Sony platform. Furious fans say this will mean they are missing out on the full experience just because they bought an X-Box.

Sony has owned the movie rights to Spider-Man since 1999 and while Marvel’s Spider-Man  was a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2018, the superhero has appeared in other games on multiple consoles and on the PC over the years. These have included movie spin-off games such as those based on The Amazing Spider-Man. The internet has exploded in quivering rage:

“As a PS and PC player, I’ll just be skipping Avengers altogether now. This is a such a dumb thing to do…”

Even a PlayStation player was sad for his X-Box owning kin:

“I’m a PlayStation person and I still get a bit sad and mad when something like Spider-Man or stuff gets locked to only on PS. Xbox players really should be able to have fun too.”

Spider-Man will be made available to PlayStation players at no additional cost, and an in-game event will mark the release. Ludo Medina, co-founder of gaming platform The N-Erd Council, said this would force gamers to pick sides.

Hello? Has he never seen PlayStation and X-Box owners going at it online before a PC gamer comes in and starts acting like the Daddy?

“Exclusives are nothing new when it comes to games, but exclusive characters for specific consoles? This is a whole new territory.  It is incredibly unfair on them and leaves PC and Xbox hanging out to dry. Gamers are saying it is forcing them to unnecessarily choose between one or the other.”

The makers, Crystal Dynamics, attempted to defuse some of the ruckus by announcing that the game’s first post-launch character addition would be superhero Hawkeye, and would be available across all platforms.