Is the DC Snyderverse coming back at Warner Bros.? Look, you know how this works by now. Certain kinds of rumors bubble up on certain kinds of websites and then they grow legs online and suddenly its a thing. We report them here, but we have to give them one of these so you know where you stand:

Sphincters are still puckering all over Tinseltown after David Zaslav brutally shit-canned the nearly finished Batgirl movie and went for the tax write down instead. Walter Hamada is on his way out of the DC movie operation. As he exits, it seems his plans may be exiting too, according to rumors online at least.

Under Hamada there were plans to completely reboot the DCEU. Zaslav reportedly wants to reload it instead. Zaslav was faced with three choices. Start afresh, refocus the existing DCEU with characters like Shazam and Black Adam at the centre, or continue with the existing vision. These online reports say he has picked option three.

Giving fuel to these rumors are the reports that the new trailer for Shazam!: Fury of the Gods shows several scenes from Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) rather than the Joss Whedon version, which brings the Snyder Cut inside the DCEU for the first time. Under Hamada it was left firmly locked out in the cold.


Also it has been reported that Ben Affleck recently replaced Michael Keaton in the Aquaman 2 cameo to avoid confusing audiences and to underpin the continuity of the DCEU as it is.

Remember that in a scene in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), The Flash is seen in some kind of premonition, traveling back in time to warn Bruce Wayne about something. The plan was for everything to be linked and to reference this as a key point in the story in the franchise in the future. This was all halted when Snyder exited the franchise following a family tragedy and Whedon’s cinematic band-aid failed.

The rumors mention Man Of Steel 2 being a priority with Henry Cavill in the role, and a framework to create Justice League 2 and Justice League 3 from this in conjunction with Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the existing DCEU.

Not throwing a multi-million dollar existing franchise in the dumpster would seem to match Zaslav’s apparent desire to cut costs and leverage IP, however he just loaded Batgirl into a trebuchet and fired it at the sun, so what do we know?

Before the Snyder fanboys among us start jumping up and down excitedly, it is worth pointing out that even a casual Google search for anything like “Snyderverse to return” shows the same sites breathlessly reporting the return of this movie universe for a couple of years. It could well simply be wish fulfilment masquerading as news. However, back then Zaslav wasn’t in the driving seat, and JJ Abrams was circling DC.

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