It seems some Snyderverse fans are still pretty pissed with James Gunn and Warner Bros Discovery over the departure of Henry Cavill and are considering suing for false advertising.

Having had a taste of power since their victory by getting Zack Snyder’s Justice League finished, it would appear the Snyderverse fans want David vs Goliath Round 2.

They are hoping that the recent false advertising lawsuit that saw a pair of Ana de Armas fans successfully win a claim against Yesterday as the basis for potential legal action against either the studio, or production company.

A Kick In The Super Nuts

The fans feel that bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman at the end of Black Adam, and then Cavill telling everyone he was back as Big Blue, only to be shown the door by Gunn a few days later, is false advertising and they are royally pissed about it.

Gunn hasn’t helped matters by admitting he was working on Superman Legacy a full six months before officially taking over as head honcho of the DCU. Therefore, he had no intention of keeping Cavill on as Superman and he wanted younger, fresher blood moving forward.


I’m a Snyderverse fan, I’ve made no secret about it and yes I wanted Snyder to finish his vision for Justice League. I was happier than a pig in shit when I saw Cavill back as Superman in Black Adam and when it was revealed he wasn’t coming back after all, I was well and truly gutted.

However, I do understand that Gunn wants a younger cast for the DCU over the next 10 years so my arse hairs were not that much in a twist about it. But then again, we now know that Gunn isn’t completely erasing the Snyderverse after all, he is in fact giving false hope and playing the Snderverse fans like fiddles.

Double Standards Jimmy

We have a Waller TV series coming, using some of the cast from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, both of which make references to the Snyderverse. Add to that Aquaman 2 (which sounds like it’s dead in the water – pun intended) that keeps Jason Momoa on as Aquaman.

Then what about Shazam! Fury of the Gods? This film is out in just over two weeks and there is absolutely no promotional work going on for it. Perhaps Zachary Levi is also out on his ear after this movie.

Shazam! Main

So people will laugh and point at the Snderverse fans and sometimes it’s justifiable. Sadly, some of them do carry on like whiny cultists who are stamping their feet and acting like brats. We’ve recently had them bitching on about the Snyderverse carrying on over at Netflix of all places.

But in all honesty, I can’t blame them for being annoyed. Gunn said the Snyderverse was dead and yet he continues to pick and choose what he wants to keep – ironically it’s everything that he’s been involved in.

Just wait until the Snyderverse fans hear that there are serious rumblings that everyone’s favourite cretin, Ezra Miller will indeed stay on as The Flash after his solo movie that is coming later this year – more on that later.

The Flash

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