Two months ago Henry Cavill was given the go ahead by Warner Bros. to announce his return as Superman in a continuation of the Snyderverse. Then new DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran turned in their roadmap to overhaul the DC universe. A new Superman movie is part of those plans, and just like that Cavill was out again.


It turns out he isn’t the only one. The Hollywood Reporter ran a report at the end of last week that said the shuttering of the Snyderverse is happening immediately. Cavill and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot shot cameos for The Flash. With Man Of Steel 2 and Wonder Woman 3 not happening these cameos have been immediately cut. Brutal!

It seems, possibly sensibly, that they don’t want the previous cinematic universe hanging around too long and diluting their go forward plans.

The article contains some interesting viewpoints. It hints at the Black Adam commercial failure being a big driving force. Dwayne Johnson’s influence at DC appears to have been damaged by the poor box office returns, despite the Cavill cameo.

The deal to return with Cavill was verbal, there was no contract in place. Things have quite clearly got awkward around all this as Johnson has unfollowed the Instagram accounts of Black Adam and Warner Bros. Discovery.


Warner Bros. Pictures co-chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy had been talking to Peaky Blinders and SAS Rogue Heroes showrunner Steven Knight to write a treatment. That was ended when Gunn and Safran unveiled their plans.

Gunn remains active on social media talking with fans. He has confirmed that they will focus on a younger Superman but it is NOT an origin story. He also said the Black Adam fiasco happened before he was involved in the DC plan.

Surprisingly, he also confirms that while Matt Reeves’ The Batman is not a part of the DCU, the Batman character will be an essential part of the new universe. If the new Superman is going to be a Superman Year 2 or Year 3 story after his arrival in Metropolis, with The Batman essentially being a Batman Year 2 story, the timelines could have been made to click together.

If this is true, and this line holds, then it is possible that Matt Reeves’ The Batman could be a one-and-done universe as the talent on that isn’t cheap and the sequel, while written and in pre-development, is yet to gain serious production speed. Potential red light ahead for that movie? First the Snyderverse gone, then whatever this is?

All this shows that the DCU / DCEU remains a complete and total fucking mess, and that Gunn and Safran’s blank sheet of paper approach is probably the correct one.

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