Originally rumored to be Zack Snyder’s pitch for a Star Wars spin-off movie, Rebel Moon has revealed some recognizable inspiration.


Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek: Beyond, The Mummy) has joined the cast in the lead role for Netflix and Snyder’s Stone Quarry company. Her casting announcement in The Hollywood Reporter came with a snippet about the plot:

“When a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of the tyrannical Regent Balisarius, they dispatch a young woman with a mysterious past to seek out warriors from neighboring planets to help them take a stand.”

So it’s leaning heavily on Battle Beyond The Stars? That cult 1980s Roger Corman “classic” will be familiar to every Outposter. Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, George Peppard, John Saxon, Sybil Danning, and Darlanne Fluegel all starred in that movie about…. well, a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy that finds itself threatened…


It is Magnificent Seven in outer space. So much so that Vaughn also appeared both movies. In turn, that was the 1960 Western adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 film Seven Samurai. So inspired by a remake of a remake?

Battle Beyond The Stars was also notable as it was written by John Sayles (Alligator, Piranha, The Howling) and had the music by a young James Horner, with special effects designed by James Cameron.

With a budget of $2,000,000 it was the most expensive film produced by Roger Corman at the time. Most of the budget, allegedly, went on the salary for George Peppard and Robert Vaughn. To save on costs, the film was produced in Corman’s own studio. His “renowned lumberyard facility” in Venice, California was the location of almost all of the production.

Snyder also penned the screenplay for Rebel Moon with Shay Hatten and Kurt Johnstad. Eric Newman, Deborah Snyder, Wesley Coller, and Zack Snyder will produce.

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