Given the developing hype around the upcoming Snyder Cut, it is possible to forget this is a streaming release rather than a major summer blockbuster. Zac Snyder’s Justice League, to give it it’s full and official title, is something of an enigma.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice was roundly mocked by fans but it was a huge box-office success. The subsequent Directors Cut is acknowledged as being a better, more complete film. The movie that started this all, Man Of Steel, upset hardcore Superman fans with a more conflicted, less boy-scout early version of Superman. However it clearly laid some important groundworks for the DCEU that were then abandoned. As did Batman vs Superman with Bruce’s visions of the future and a visitation from a time-travelling Flash.

Whatever you may think of those two movies, and Wonder Woman with Aquaman, they were all significantly better than the cinema version of Justice League. That movie, famously re-shot and re-edited by Joss Whedon following Zack Snyder’s departure, was basically a train wreck.

Maybe one of the reasons why Zack Snyder’s Justice League is so anticipated is because there is a definite undercurrent that, even with the things the fans didn’t like so much about Man Of Steel and Batman vs Superman, the DCEU was definitely building towards something. That something was then robbed from fans by Warner Bros. and DC having some kind of breakdown once Zack Snyder had to take some time out due to his family tragedy.

It seems that Snyder is positively relishing the opportunity to press a giant reset button around the DCEU. Lined up with the rumors that the Flash movie will deal with multiverses and, potentially, Flashpoint and this suddenly becomes exciting again.

In an online Q&A as part of Justice Con last night Zack Snyder didn’t pull any punches. He was absolutely clear that his version of the movie will not use a single frame of Whedon footage.

“There would be no chance on Earth that I would use a shot that was made after I left the movie. There would be no way…I would rather, I would destroy the movie, I would set it on fire before I would use a single frame that I did not photograph. That is f–ing hard fact. By the way, anything you see in this movie that reminds you of the other theatrical movie would be because that’s a thing I had done and now it’s been borrowed.”

There was also talk over a four hour film, or it being sliced as an event series for the streaming service:

“You know it’s really…the name of the movie as ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ is the name that we all want. It’s the name we are working on. It’s legal reasons that restrict it, but we’re trying to work that out. I suppose that’s the cool name for it.

I think I did tell Grace that it was longer than 214 minutes now. Either way, a hundred percent I’ll be happy. Look, the truth is, regardless of how it comes out, you’ll always be able to watch it in one sitting.”

Snyder also confirmed that the teaser trailer will be released during DC’s FanDome event next month.

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