Whether you like his work or not, it has to be said that Zack Snyder has a very specific style. The Dawn Of The Dead remake and 300 still stand up. Watchmen seems to get better with age and periodical repeat viewings.

However Snyder is clearly still stung by his time in the DCEU and what happened over there at Warner Bros. He may have almost had the last laugh with the Snyder Cut of Justice League, but he is in no hurry to return to established franchise filmmaking.


Speaking with The Times recently, Snyder was very clear where he sits regarding bringing his own style to the proceedings:

“Where it gets difficult is when you take a director with a personal point of view and ask him to participate in a thing that is not asking for that. The journeyman filmmaker? There are a lot of them, and they’re good. I just happen to have a specific point of view.”

Snyder specifically goes on to mention Star Wars, and directly rules himself out of playing in that universe despite his fandom:

“The lesson I’ve learned is it’s much easier for me, as a filmmaker, to create a world and invite you into it. As opposed to me saying, ‘Let me put my cog in your wheel.’ Like, I would love to make a Star Wars movie. I know a lot about it…but I don’t think I would survive that.”

Army of the Dead is on its way to Netflix imminently and there are spin-off shows related to that in the works, and a potential sequel. He’s making his own franchise rather than borrowing others.

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