One question anyone with any interest in the upcoming Zack Snyder version of Justice League will be asking is this. Exactly how much of it is new? How much of it will we have seen before?

Now in a new interview with he has clarified. While there is a small amount of newly shot footage from the additional photography, the vast majority of the movie is still based on completely unseen footage from his version, not Joss Whedon’s.

“A very small portion of the movie is the new stuff that I shot. Like 80-something per cent of the movie has never been seen by anyone, visual effects wise, and that’s not even including the scenes that you guys have never seen that don’t have visual effects.”

So what was reshot or made specially for this version? Ben Affleck and a number of the cast came back together in 2020 to film some completely new Justice League scenes.
The director has now revealed that two scenes were filmed and confirmed the long rumored involvement of Jared Leto, returning as the Joker.

“First of all, let’s just clarify, there’s like two bits that I added, one bit that I had really sort of hoped to shoot in post but never got the chance to and then one, that scene, with Jared. This whole little piece with Jared.”

While the release date has yet to be announced, Snyder made a social media post in December that hinted at a March 2021 release.