Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins didn’t have the appeal that Paramount Pictures was hoping for in theaters. Because of this, the movie is being released 20 days early on-demand.

Studios in general are not in a great place when releasing movies into theaters. After all, there’s a bit of a nasty cold going around. They have to make big decisions about when and how to release their big titles.

Paramount made a surprising move to release Snake Eyes on-demand early, just 25 days after exclusively hitting the movie theaters.

Usually, movies that premiere in theaters without a dual release on any streaming platform have an exclusive 45 days before showing up for streaming. Paramount has decided to nix that trend with Snake Eyes, one of their first big movies.

The movie was hyped up before its release but didn’t end up being what they had hoped for. I don’t know, maybe the backlash of race swapping Snake Eyes or the fact that the previous two GI Joe movies have done the franchise dirty, causing people not willing to see it in theaters, knowing it’d going to be streaming eventually.

Snake Eyes will be streaming starting today. It’ll also be made available on Blu-ray, 4K and DVD on October 19. Then you’ll find exclusive extras, such as deleted scenes, vignettes and the origins for the characters.

Snake Eyes will be seen as a failure for Paramount, there’s no doubt about that. It seems that theatrical releases still can’t be relied on to make a profit for big-budget movies. At least not while fear porn continues to happen about that one virus.

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