It’s fair to say that Will Smith’s experience of the 2022 Oscars was… mixed. On one hand, he won the adoration of his peers and was awarded the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Serena and Venus Williams’ father in King Richard.

Will smith

On the other hand, he stormed the stage and slapped the shit out of the host in front of a live TV audience of millions. For this, he was banned from the awards for ten years. That, in itself, is a reward. Imagine not having to go to that fucking ceremony for a decade?

Now, a quarter of a year after that slap, Will Smith has now spoken on video about the incident for the first time.

In the nearly six-minute video on his official YouTube account, Smith offered up his apology. He also answered what appeared to be fan questions about the night in question including talking about what happened during and after the event.

“Please forgive me!”

Smith struck presenter Chris Rock for making a joke about Smith’s wife’s hair, when she was suffering from alopecia.

Smith apologised to Chris Rock in the video and says he is there for Rock whenever he wants to talk. He also offered up an apology to Rock’s mother and his brother Tony.

So far, Rock has not responded and rumors say that he has rebuffed Smith’s attempts to have a conversation and reconcile.

Smith gives a standard mea culpa in the video and talks about the impact on his wife and family, acknowledging how his actions also took the spotlight away from his fellow nominees and award winners.

Smith had previously issued written apologies and resigned from the Academy.

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