Time To Wake Up

Concentration camps covering the West of the country where Uighur Muslims disappear after medical experimentation.  A surveillance camera per 2.1 members of the population.  Dissidents having organs harvested.  A social credit system that enforces absolute devotion to the ruling masters or else you are removed from any societal benefit.  A violent crackdown on protesters wanting freedom in Hong Kong.  A military land grab across the South China Sea in defiance in international law.  A ban on Winnie The Pooh because he looks like a thin-skinned and over-sensitive Head of State.

See, “Woke” capitalism is such a total crock of shit.  All of the above is happening right now and Hollywood (and most Western companies) still get down on their hands and knees and take a Chinese load in the face without blinking, all the while telling you how to live your life and lecturing you on how terrible your own country has become.  It ignores evil to whore itself for ca$h whilst pushing divisive and damaging identity politics and intersectional discord.

“Still, at least we’ve still got Chewbacca, eh?”

There is no corporate social responsibility statement.  No ethical investment strategy.  No diversity and inclusion hiring policy.  There is just the bottom line and shareholder value.

Everything else is just noise.   A made-up smokescreen to keep the rage of the “Woke” cancel-culture brigades away and focussed on somebody else.  And most people fall for it like the little mugs they are.

Please Love Us

Disney is going for broke to relaunch Star Wars once Kathleen Kennedy has been quietly shifted sideways for her failures.  And a key part of that relaunch strategy is to ignore a myriad of human rights abuses and suckle on that Chinese teat just like the rest of Hollywood.

China has never really loved Star Wars.  It’s really hard to figure out why.  I mean, the most cowed and supine people on Earth not really warming to the story of a plucky group of underdogs rising up to smash an evil empire?  It’s almost as if something just isn’t resonating with the Chinese audience.  Whatever could it be?

That is not going to stop Disney from trying. Last time around the powers that be at Lucasfilm thought just throwing a random Asian girl into The Last Jedi would do it.

So hot, until the other women got hold of her

So culturally deaf, and very stupid, were those in charge that they didn’t realise this was like confusing a Canadian with a Turk.  Furthermore, they seemingly had no idea the Vietnamese and the Chinese don’t really like each these days.  White women eh?

This time around they are enlisting the Social Media arm of the Dictatorship – Tencent – to work on the fan base.

Tencent will use Chinese writers to translate and distribute 40  Star Wars novels while according to Lucasfilm:

“…combining native Chinese elements and the narrative style of Chinese literature to tell the story of Star Wars.”

They will also create a new Star Wars books specifically designed for China, by Chinese writers, and with a Chinese hero.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  Not that far away.  Just East of Mongolia.

The original trilogy was never released in China and the prequels flopped.  The sequel trilogy fared slightly better for The Force Awakens but audiences rejected The Last Jedi even harder than they did in the West.

Disney is apparently pinning its big hope on wherever Star Wars goes after The Rise Of Skywalker.  This is because the new stories they hope to tell won’t be so reliant on the existing mythology and knowledge of the original films.


However, why Disney feels the need to spread itself so wide for China is something of a mystery if you believe all their press this morning.  Following the release of the final trailer for Star Wars Episode IX tickets were released for pre-sale.

Atom Tickets was reporting a new first-hour sales record with the total beating Avengers Endgame by 45% over the same period.  Numerous users have reported on social media both AMC and Fandango had apparent server crashes due to demand.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the most anticipated movie this Fall according to an Atom Tickets survey completed last week.  It is released on December 20th.

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