Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker earned just $3.92 million domestically on its fourth Friday, bringing its 22-day domestic total up to $467 million. A drop of 64.4% drop from last Friday’s gross.


This means it will use the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend to give it a push past $500 million domestic and just past $1 billion worldwide. That means it will now struggle domestically to earn more than Rogue One ($532 million) and The Lion King ($543 million).  It also means there is a real possibility it ends up with less globally than Aladdin ($1.053 billion), Rogue One ($1.056 billion), Joker ($1.067 billion) and Toy Story 4 ($1.073 billion).

Given the huge initial budget, the extensive (expensive) reshoots and the global marketing campaign of biblical proportions that would mean the movie is the second real under-performer in the Disney Star Wars relaunch.

The budget has deliberately not been publicised by Disney.  However given that The Force Awakens was $245m and The Last Jedi was $317m then, given the reshoots and marketing costs, this thing had to be knocking on the door of $500m to get out there and sell.

The Last Jedi performed $700m under the financial planning expectations.  This was largely due to the divisive nature of the movie meaning repeat viewings were limited.

Add to this Solo costing £275m and just about making £393m globally, and the ongoing struggles of the Star Wars theme parks due to bad theming and lacking experiences.  These Disney park decisions are already known internally at Disney as:

”The Billion Dollar Mistake”

Is it now time for even the shills and the blind fanboys to accept that on, Disney’s watch, Star Wars has been fundamentally broken both creatively and financially?

We have already had to fix The Last Jedi for Lucasfilm with many good ideas from our community here.  Maybe we need to do the same for The Rise Of Skywalker?  Or just an entire sequel trilogy do-over as a future column?

TV would appear to be the salvation for Star Wars.  Rejwan, Filoni and Favreau have received plaudits for The Mandalorian.  With Marvel wunderkind Kevin Feige stepping aboard the Star Wars universe shortly it would appear that Kathleen Kennedy’s days are numbered.  In fact it is speculated she would have already been out had the optics not been so bad around firing a female studio head when they are so rare in Hollywood.

So we wait to see what happens next for Star Wars on TV.  That will be Kenobi, following Obi-Wan post Revenge Of The Sith on Tatooine.

Originally meant to be a stand alone movie, the total failure of Solo forced this onto TV, much like The Mandalorian is clearly the retooled Boba Fett movie that was likewise parked.

So Star Wars is going to send for the big guns!  Did I say big guns?  I meant big Gungan!  Thats right! Jar Jar Binks may be coming back to that universe according to a new rumor.

Making Star Wars reports that more than one source is saying that Jar Jar will make contact with Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan at some point in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+.

Early CG work on the character has already been completed and the character will have a beard.  He will talk to Obi-Wan about the rise of the Galactic Empire and what Palpatine is up to.

Ahmed Best would be expected to reprise the role, but that is not confirmed and shooting is not yet underway.

Hossein Amini is writing and and Deborah Chow will direct.  No release data is yet locked.

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