Maggie Goes On Vacation

Animation studio Pixar will premiere a new short film of The Simpsons ahead of screenings of new film Onward.

The new Simpsons short film will be the first time that the featured prelude will come from outside of the studio’s own team.

“Playdate With Destiny” was announced on the official Simpsons Instagram. From the pictured announcement, it seems the film will star Maggie Simpson, who looks set to head on a trip abroad to a holiday retreat that looks a wee bit like the Mediterranean –

Onward, the film which the new Simpsons short will play before will introduce Pixar’s first lesbian character. Director Dan Scanlon said of the character –

“It’s a modern fantasy world and we want to represent the modern world.”

The new short comes after Disney merged with Simpsons producers Fox. It was announced earlier this week that The Simpsons won’t be available on the UK version of new streaming service Disney+ when it launches in the UK on March 31st due to rights restrictions.

Last year, The Simpsons came to Disney+ in the UK and fans were left hacked off after new versions of classic episodes of the show were altered.

Episodes from the first 20 series of the show were adapted for widescreen 16:9 ratio on the streaming service, with many fan-favourite jokes in the background of many shots being cropped out.

Onward is released in theaters this week.