Showtime has released a teaser for the upcoming Dexter limited series which stars Michael C. Hall as everyone’s favorite serial killer.


The new teaser opens with Dexter walking down a snowy street in a small town. Everyone calls him “Jimmy” or “Mr. Lindsay,” so it’s clear his new alias is Jim Lindsay.

Dexter (as Jim Lindsay) is a sales associate at Fred’s Fish & Game in this small town.

The people of this small town clearly love Jimmy, Jimbo, and Mr. Lindsey, as the youths refer to him. With a smile on his face, Dexter walks through town. But the wind is sucked out of his sails a bit when he notices a series of knives on display in a local shop window

Here’s the teaser:

Joining Hall in the return of Dexter is Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Sylvie’s Love), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe), Jamie Chung (Lovecraft Country), Oscar Wahlberg (NOS4A2), Jack Alcott (The Good Lord Bird), and Michael Cyril Creighton.

As for the new villain that Dexter has to deal with, he’ll be played by Clancy Brown.

The Dexter revival is in the hands of showrunner Clyde Phillips, who held the same role on the first four seasons of the original series. Phillips is overseeing the story and executive producing with Hall and Marcos Siega, who will be directing the show’s return.


There’s no return date for Dexter yet, but we can likely expect it to premiere on Showtime sometime in the fall 2021.

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