It is no surprise to anyone at the Outpost that She-Hulk is the weakest reviewed, poorest received thing in the MCU. Even hate-watches for the sake of a review proved impossible for seasoned pros like our writing staff, who are semi-professional shit waders. Well, it turns out everyone in the world is wrong, She-Hulk is comics accurate and we just don’t get it.

Comics writer Dan Slott took to Twitter yesterday to defend the recent Disney+ series, which starred Tatiana Maslany as single female lawyer Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. Watch as she struggles to balance her career and her own life with her newfound superhero abilities.

The show has taken criticism for using meta-comedy, and people said it was way out of tone with the MCU. Slott had this to say:

“Anyone saying the @SheHulkOfficial TV show wasn’t ‘comic book accurate’… I’m the guy who has written more issues of SHE-HULK than anyone. I’ve read every single comic from every #SheHulk run. And I’m saying, for the record, it is the MOST comic book-accurate show in the MCU.

People arguing the twerking scene in #SheHulk wouldn’t have happened in the comics. Byrne had She-Hulk jumping rope in a bikini. I had her karaoke-ing, dancing, & partying so hard it was causing structural damage to Avengers Mansion. This is the hill they want to die on?”

Fourth wall breaking to call out “toxic fans” was clearly baked in to the show in the writing, almost as if they knew exactly what they were doing?

Marvel’s Phase 5 goes in an unexpected direction

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ran for nine-episodes and it is thought a second season is not in the current MCU pipeline.

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