She-Hulk launched last week and as to be expected, it was not great. Reviews are mixed and of course the reason for the bad reviews must be the result of review bombing.

She-Hulk Tony

Studio Shills

The reason you visit us at Last Movie Outpost is either for Phil’s sheer animal magnetism, or because we are not shills for the corporate machines. We are not Hollywood’s safe space. 

Will we ever receive invites to the latest Marvel premier or a goodie bag delivered to our doorstep from Disney? Will we f*ck! Our integrity and the honest truth has a cost, but that is why some of you guys are here. However, most other websites have happily sold their soul and will blatantly lie to you about the quality of a studio’s latest offering. 

Researching for this article this morning, it was shocking and amusing to see so many sites claiming the 1/10 reviews for She-Hulk are outrageous and that the show is deserving of the 10/10. Typically they whined that those giving She-Hulk a 1 score were misogynists and man babies who can’t handle strong, independent women. 

She-Hulk Reviews
Average rating of 5/10 seems about right.

Some even go as far to justify the blatant man hating message that appears to be the show’s main focus. They also seem to choose to ignore the double standards of modern day Hollywood.

During the first episode, it was a constant gag about Captain America possibly being a virgin. Jennifer Waters even goes as far as explaining what a waste of Steve Roger’s arse it would be as she then fantasizes about feeling it.

Personally, this scene doesn’t bother me because I’m not insecure. If a fine woman wants to think about my sweet cheeks, then good for her. Hell, I’ll even let her cop a feel if she buys me a drink.

However, flip that scene to Bruce Banner talking to She-Hulk about Black Widow’s arse, then the same people who find that scene stunning and brave would be spitting out their soy milk in fury. But then if they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

She-Hulk Black Widow
I wonder if Bruce ever got a good look at Black Widow’s rusty sheriff’s badge?

Eggy: Attorney at Law

So let me play devil’s advocate here. Do I believe She-Hulk is actually getting review bombed? Yes I do. But both sides are doing it. The shills are giving it 10/10 whilst the haters are countering by giving it 1/10 and vice versa.

This show is far from deserving a 10 score but it’s also not a 1. I know Boba Phil recently did a review and absolutely hated it with a passion. He even went as far as saying:

“The worst thing Disney have pushed out so far.”

Drunken Yoda and my good self respectfully disagreed with Phil on Sunday’s livestream. We didn’t think it was terrible but it wasn’t great either. Personally, I found that for every man hating woke piece of crap that was spurted out of She-Hulk‘s mouth was countered with some charming and fairly amusing scenes.

Using the LMO 5 star system, I would give it 2.5. So if you consider my take on the show and then the amount of 10 and 1 reviews on IMBD, you do actually get the right balance because this show was just another average piece of entertainment.

She Hulk and Hulk
Hulk: “Is it legal to sleep with your cousin?”

Divide And Conquer

Sadly, politicians and the media have successfully managed to divide and conquer us. Common ground is now just a barren wasteland. Because of this, people are either for something or against it with no room for grey areas. 

How pathetic as a species are we when we wage a digital war against one another over a fucking TV show about a woman who can turn green when she’s pissed off (one week every month… ba dum tss) because we’ve let rich morons weaponize our entertainment.

So to all those taking time out of their day to review bomb She-Hulk, whether you’re giving it 10/10 or 1/10, my advice is this. Get a life. If you like the show, then good for you. Lap it up and be happy consuming Marvel’s latest offering.

Alternatively, if you don’t like it, move on. Ignore it even exists and if you want to watch a show about a lawyer, go and watch Better Call Saul. Spend your time more wisely FFS.

Better Call Saul
Saul Goodman, a better show about a lawyer than She-Hulk.

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