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She-Hulk Episode 6

Hello Outposters, I’m a frequent visitor to the site and The Last Movie Outpost is must read for me and my friends. My name is Susanna and my pronouns are she/her. I’m very excited to submit my review of She-Hulk.

I have read your recent reviews of previous episodes and I thought it was time I brought some order and balance to the one sided reviews by Drunken Yoda and Matt aka Eggy. It’s obvious their reviews are based solely on misogyny and their fear of powerful women like myself. I’m here to set that right.

Just Jen

She Hulk E6 1

Straight out of the gates this episode proves once again why She-Hulk is by far the best product to come from Disney/Marvel. Our hero is preparing to be a bridesmaid for her friend Lulu and she’s understandably excited about it. 

Personally I think getting married and submitting to men is an ideology more suited to the days of cave-persons. But this is the 21st century and women have turned the tables on our oppressors and marriage is now a symbol of dominance over men. 

Thanks to Vice-President Harris, it’s only been the last 2 years since women have been freed from the chains of the kitchen. So it’s fitting that Jen (She-Hulk) is excited to watch her friend break the norms and assert her place in the patriarchy.

Pack Those Bags Girlfriend

She Hulk E6 2

Jen is busy with her gay friend Romas, packing her bag for the big day. During this entire scene, Jen is wearing a casual hoodie and pyjama shorts. Tatiana Maslany is not afraid to have her strong, shapely legs on display. Her thighs and calves demand attention and you can tell Ms. Maslany has built them up over the many years dominating her real life partner.

During a truly enlightening back and forth that the likes of Aaron Sorkin could only dream of writing, Ramos expresses her pleasure at being able to spend time with Ms. Mallory who will be covering for Jen whilst she’s away. 

The sexual tension between Ramos and Ms. Mallory is off the charts even if they are not even in this scene together. Being a bi-sexual myself, Ginger Gonzaga’s representation in Marvel’s flagship show just shows homophobes how far we have come since 2016.

I must admit to my fellow Outposters that I think the term bi-sexual is problematic. We all know there are 52 genders and counting, so multi-sexual is definitely a term for the future.

Lulu’s Pre-wedding Day

Just Jen 3

Jen arrives at the venue of the day before the wedding as She-Hulk. She’s dressed in a truly stunning navy blue dress that accentuates her figure whilst exposing her muscles that would send shivers down the spines of any potential rapists that are likely to be hiding in the bushes.

Lulu seems a little upset that She-Hulk is taking the spotlight off her big day and asks her to just be Jen. Just Jen is the title of this episode so to be able to delicately slip that reference into the conversation is another example of the high level of sophistication the writers constantly deliver.

Mr Immortal

She Hulk 6 3

Taking a break from the wedding, we are whisked back to the top level of the business world to see Mallory (a powerful woman of color) and Ramos dealing with an old white man who is quite clearly no match for their sharp wit and intellect.

Mr Immortal, or Mr Immoral as my friends and I like to call him, is seeking Mallory and Ramos’ services for his seventh divorce. Typical of an old white guy, when the going gets tough, he wants out. True to his name, he is actually immortal and fakes his death in order to escape from his commitments.

To prove he is immortal, he throws himself out of the window and lands on a strategically placed electric vehicle below. He then brushes himself off and walks away. I adored how they managed to show us the electric vehicle in this scene. It demonstrates that even in moments of heightened tension and terror, climate change is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

It’s sad that on the current trajectory, the earth will implode within the next 10 years and younger generations are going to be robbed from ever seeing this show and learning of the important messages it has been selflessly delivering from day one. I’m wiping away tears as I type this.

The Wedding

Just Jen Bridesmaid

Back to the wedding and we finally see Jen in her bridesmaids outfit and my goodness, she is a modern day Helen Of Troy. The tears I was shedding for the previous paragraph have been vaporised by the sheer glow and hot beauty of Jen.

Unfortunately, the other bridesmaids have tasked our hero with ironing the Groomsmen’s shirts because they have become wrinkled due to sweat. Sweat I hear you ask?! Yes, the ‘men’ have been playing Mariokart and due to their childish and barbaric competitive nature, they built up a sweat over a game designed for children (no irony lost here).

This is a maddening scene and I’m literally shaking right now. Do these people not have house people to do these chores for them? My Daddy (who I hate) has just employed several Dreamers to help take care of the chores for both his houses. I’m shocked that someone of Lulu’s status would expect a strong, independent woman to do such a menial task when there are an abundance of people from Mexico desperate for such an opportunity.

Mr Immortal’s Divorce

Mr Immoral

We expertly swing back to Mr Immoral’s divorce proceedings. Mallory and Ramos are surrounded by his previous partners who are all rightfully outraged. Even though I’m sure he said he was married seven times, there are nine partners at the table. It’s a minor oversight.

Out of the nine partners, six are women of color and one is a man. Mr Immoral is clearly a racist and a homophobe otherwise he wouldn’t have faked his own death and broken the hearts of all these people.

I’m not going to waste too much more time on this scene because it’s just giving attention to a bigot. They agree to a settlement and one of the white women just wants him to apologise and make eye contact for 20 seconds whilst he does it. Again, the writers are showing men that women can rise above their violence and oppression with a simple act of humiliation. Stunning and Brave.


She hulk Dog Groom

Finally we are back to the wedding and Jen gets to meet Lulu’s groom. In a brave and unexpected twist, Lulu’s groom is her dog. WOW, I did not see this coming. 

We’ve had subtle references to climate change, mix race relationships, homosexuality and misogyny and now the writers have smashed the barriers of sexual oppression and given us the long overdue representation of bestiality. Look out LGBTQ because it looks like we need to add another B at the end. Is there no end to the power of this series?

Jen decides to get drunk and dance the day away and now my mind is blown completely. The music is Walking On Broken Glass by Annie Lennox. A clear message that the glass ceiling has indeed been shattered and strong women are dancing on the remnants of the past. This is so inspirational that it can only be topped if Hillary makes a guest appearance. My fingers are crossed.

Putting Infinity War To Shame

She Hulk Titania

In all my awe and excitement for this show, I forgot to mention that Titania is also at the wedding because she’s dating a friend of the groom. Anyway, she picks a fight with drunk Jen and goads her into turning into She-Hulk. Jen doesn’t want to because it’ll ruin Lulu’s big day but after careful consideration over the next several seconds, she dutifully obliges.

Oh my pronouns! We are then treated to a battle of the ages as She-Hulk and Titania battle it out in front of the stunned guests. I must add, the level of diversity on Lulu’s guest list is inspirational.

The fight between She-Hulk and Titania makes everything in Infinity War look amateurish. The choreography is mind-blowing and these two women of power have a slugfest for the ages. The CGI in all of the 10 seconds of action is like I’ve never seen on screen before. If you didn’t know any better, you would swear these were real people slugging it out. The Russo brothers could certainly learn a thing or two from this show.

She-Hulk betters Titania who runs off with a cake whilst swearing revenge. Lulu confronts She-Hulk and the guest hold their breath… but all is good! Nothing can come between besties, even if Jen did break her promise. The episode finishes on a happy ending after all the tense drama. I’m exhausted.

In the hands of the people working on She-Hulk, I am very optimistic about Marvel’s future. Take a seat Kevin Feige, the woman are having their cake and eating it.

Just Jen 9

Thanks to Susanna for her insightful review. Reading that, I think that Drunken Yoda and Matt need to take a good hard look at themselves and their previous reviews. They are clearly wrong on all fronts.

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