She Hulk Episode 5 Review – Why Won’t This End?

So far She Hulk as been preachy, silly, sexist, illogical, and eye-rolling. How about boring? Can I get a boring?

She Hulk Writers: A number 5? Coming right up.

So I’m not even sure it matters what I write here trying to explain the plot but we actually have a superhero and supervillain battle! In court. About trademark issues. Where the Perry Mason moment is when She Hulk’s online dating failures are entered into evidence, delivering the knock out blow.

Seriously, that’s the battle. So… snore.

There’s a b-plot involving her best friend (who I can never remember the name of) who goes to an underground fashion designer who makes superhero outfits. Yes they brought in Edna Mode and made her a gay black guy. Eh. At least we’ll get to see Jennifer in a new interesting outfit?

Nope, wait until next week. Also there’s some tease for an outfit that he’s making for someone else that I honestly couldn’t tell who it was. I’m told it was Daredevil but it was gold? I’m probably wrong and should research or check again but you couldn’t pay me to rewatch any of the episode.

She Hulk Daredevil
Oh ok. I see it now.

I honestly have no idea why the Disney is committing seppuku with the MCU. I mean I get the going woke stuff and the cult mentality, but seriously. The messaging is all over the place, there’s nothing interesting, they aren’t making She Hulk look good, either through special effects or as a well rounded character, and there’s not even any decent action. Who is this for?

Even my wife has wandered off to Cobra Kai. 

I’m leaving anger and depression. There was never any bargaining or denial. Nor do I accept this. I’m now in fascination. What will happen with this? How will this be remembered, if at all? How do they completely disrespect anything and everything about what was built before with the MCU and (presumably) makes them money? Am I witnessing ritualistic suicide of a fictional universe and possibly a giant corporation?

Maybe it’s all a cry for help.

My good friend Shawn is a big fan of acceleration. The speeding towards self-destruction so we can clean out the debris and rebuild. The slow burn just drives him nuts. I think She-Hulk in terms of its effect on Disney and the MCU may be an example of acceleration.

So 5 stars for destruction. Or zero stars for quality. Who cares. You shouldn’t.