She Hulk Episode 4 review time… or “I hate life and everything in it.”

You know how we’ve talked about those “moments” that have defined She-Hulk? That false feminism moment. The twerking moment. The Emil Blonski destruction. These are moments that stuck out over a series that is otherwise average at best.

Well the writers, always trying to one-up themselves, decided:

“Hey! What if we could make those moments extend out the entire episode length?”

My friends, I give you She-Hulk: Episode 4. Titled… meh… I Couldn’t Be Bothered To Look It Up.

See, in the previous episodes there have been some nice moments. Some actually quite watchable stretches. No more. This episode is excruciating from beginning to end. Even the credits. EVEN the Marvel Fanfare as it just reminds you of better times.

I cannot express how much I f*****g hate this show now. It actually makes the MCU worse just by existing. Let’s talk about how we’ve taken the Doctor Strange wing of the MCU, an area that appeared to be mysterious, sacred, and populated by serious dedicated sorcerers and turned it into a complete joke. Benedict Wong clearly just needs the money and could not care two s**ts about the great character he created.

She Hulk
Yeah, read my review. Read the hate.

Ever wanted to see the most cliched, terrible dating sequence ever created? Well have we got some eye-bleeding scenes for you. How about a terrible Chris Angel wannabe who can use a tiny bit of actual magic in the worst, most unfunny stage show created? A new side character that is cute as a puppy in that “put it in a sack and drown it” sort of way? Oh, and terrible CGI fight involving demons or something.

It was all so terrible. You think I’m exaggerating. Watch at your own peril. I wash my hands of any mental damage you may sustain. If you’re not a drooling vegetable at the end of this episode of She-Hulk, you may direct your lawsuits towards Disney.

Die in a fire, Chapek.

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