To lift the burden off Boba Phil and saving him from watching another She-Hulk episode, I manned up to take one for the team. As I said previously, I didn’t hate the first episode as much as Phil but that’s not to say I didn’t find some aspects truly eye rolling. 


**Spoiler Warning** – Episode 2: Superhuman Law

We pick up an hour or two after the end of the episode 1 when Jennifer Walters revealed herself to be a Hulk in order to stop Titania having a freak out in court. 

Multiple news channels are reporting on the new Hulk and giving us some background on what happened. It turns out Titania is a “super powered influencer” who was fleeing traffic court.  

I found that quite amusing to be honest. A spoiled talentless woman is a celebrity for nothing more than having good looks and a fine body. Having her throw a hissy fit because she considers herself above basic traffic laws is a perfect representation of the society we find ourselves in. 


Jennifer is uncomfortable with her new found fame and in particular seems reluctant to embrace her new She-Hulk identity. A quick chat with her pal Niki Ramos before entering a bar where people are chanting “She-Hulk, She-Hulk” soon changes her mind and without much arm twisting, she Hulks up before entering to an adoring crowd.

The CGI is terrible but we know this already. She-Hulk seems to lack any physical weight and looks like she’s floating through the scene. If you replaced the background with the sea, your eyes would happily think she was underwater.

She Hulk Hand
That hand! HAHAHAH!

The Chick

And two minutes in we have our first white men are bad scenes. She-Hulk necks two scotches and is approached by Dennis Bukowski who I presume is a fellow lawyer. He’s whining that Jennifer now has superpowers which gives her an unfair advantage. As he gets to told go away he mentions:

“There’s a hot chick over there. I’m going to go talk to it.”

Yep, he actually said that. Apparently that’s how men talk to women about other women.

If Michelle Obama was green.

Whilst She-Hulk downs another scotch (that’s now 3) we get a lecture about why she would never join the Avengers because she trained to be a lawyer. Oh, and the fact that being an Avenger doesn’t pay, they don’t have healthcare or maternity leave. And there was me thinking the Avengers literally put everything on the line to selflessly battle evil and save lives. What was I thinking?!

You’re Fired!

We are now 4 minutes in and we get bad white man number 2. She-Hulk’s boss approaches and asks for a chat. She stands and towers over her boss but because he’s an insecure little man, he asks her to turn back into Jen-Jen which she dutifully does.

She Hulk
Look at the little insecure man. How sad.

And now, as we say in the UK, she’s as pissed as a fart (that means drunk). You see, as Jen-Jen her metabolism is different so those 3 whiskeys have absolutely destroyed her. I’ll be honest, Tatiana plays a good drunk. 

Anyway, her nasty man boss fires her because even though she won the case in the previous episode, GLK and H (the opposing lawyers) got the case thrown out of court because she turned into She-Hulk and the jury were biased in her favour. So even though she saved lives and won the case, she’s now a liability. Gotcha.

The Family

Cousin Ched. How the writers of this show think men behave at the dinner table.

Depressed and seemingly rejected by every law firm in L.A., Jen visits her family. It’s quite a humorous and relatable dynamic. We have a doting father, a loving mother, a weird Aunt and Uncle and cousin Ched. 

Ah, Ched, our third obnoxious white man of the episode. Slobbish Ched with his man bun, elbows on the table whilst eating, talking with his mouth full, slurping the gravy off his plate. He has all the sophistication and decorum that you’d expect from the people that write this show. 

She’s Hired!

Let’s just skip to the meat and bones. Jen is later seen in the bar again and is approached by Mr Holliway, he’s the H in GLK and H mentioned earlier. He was so impressed with Jennifer’s case against them (before Titania ruined everything) that he wants to give her a job. 

Jen accepts and on her first day at work, Mr Holliway lets her know in a typical manly, heartless and straight to the point way that they are launching a Superhuman Law Division and he wants, wait for it, She-Hulk to head it. Not hardworking Jennifer Walters, nope, She-Hulk. 

She Hulk
The face you make when you have super powers, a well paid job, a big office but you’re still oppressed.

So Jen has to Hulk up before being shown around the offices and she’s whining about it. Even though she now has a massive office, excellent pay and benefits package, it’s not good enough. Even saying that the “dodos” (old, white men) in a boardroom who are over enthusiastically laughing in this scene have never had to put up with how she’s now being treated.

Holliway then informs her that she is wanted to represent Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination. She’s hesitant until Holliway informs her that if she doesn’t, she’s out of a job already…. Da Da Daaaaaa!

Tim Roth

She-Hulk Roth
Mr Orange or is it now Mr Green?

She-Hulk visits a super prison that’s holding Blonsky but she now has to de-hulk and no Superhumans are allowed to enter. There’s some humorous Silence Of The Lambs references with regard to Starling visiting Lecter for the first time. I’ve said it before, Tatiana Maslany is actually pretty good in this and as well as being quite charming, she has good comedy timing. 

Tim is back and reprising his role from the underrated Incredible Hulk. Blonksky wants parole and through some good back and forth between him and Jen, he makes his case and she’s on board.

Jen, still a little uncomfortable about the whole situation phones Bruce for his opinion. He says he’s fine because Blonsky has reached out to him and he believes in rehabilitation. Bruce says:

“The fight they had was so long ago that I’m now a completely different person, quite literally.”

Jen smiles at the camera in acknowledgment of the gag. Again, another nice touch. You see, this show does have good moments, it’s such a shame those moments are sprinkled with dollops of man hating crap.

She-Hulk Ed
Ed Norton was a much better Hulk that Ruffalo’s Soy-Hulk.

Jen then phones Holliway to say she’s onboard just as a breaking news story appears on TV to show Blonsky has escaped prison and is now in some superhuman underground fight club. The end.

Overall another average show that could be much better than it is if it didn’t constantly feel the need to shit on 50.4% of the world’s population. At this point, these people are only hurting themselves. 

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