Nobody likes it, everybody hates it. Unless you are some kind of virtue signaller who thinks the message is more important than quality, or the kind of male feminist “ally” who is in the friend zone with every girl you know, you understand She-Hulk is sub-optimal.

Those associated with She-Hulk, and the kind of fans who have an appearance on some kind of register somewhere in their futures, have already circled the wagons. They declare that if you have a problem with She-Hulk you are probably some kind of “-ist” and the issue is you, not their show.

She Hulk E3 Main

It’s fine. It’s totally expected by know. With a weary sigh and a shake of the head, we know this behaviour just confirms us as correct. Of course, it is not enough. You are not allowed to have nice things when you are guilty of wrong-think. They must destroy.

Remember how awesome Daredevil was on Netflix? The pitch perfect, chilling Kingpin? That hallway fight against the Russians in one take? Yeah, well memory hole that as they are coming for Matt Murdock too. Daredevil is coming to She-Hulk.

We have known this was coming for some time. In the wise words of Thanos:

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it’s here.”

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil comes to the MCU at the very time that the MCU appears to be faltering. He ain’t Netflix’s Daredevil:

Daredevil is chasing Eugene Patillo (Leap-Frog), who is a client of Jennifer Walters. Happy to be paid again, Cox said:

“We got to see a new side of Matt Murdock, a side of him where he’s kind of enjoying his role and having fun and flirting.”

Just as well he’s blind, so he doesn’t have to watch She-Hulk. This episode is out today on Disney+. Daredevil: Born Again arrives in 2024.

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