You know who is a fun character in comics? She Hulk!

Tatiana Maslany has been cast as the incredible She Hulk/Jennifer Walters for the Disney+ television show based on the She-Hulk comics. Kat Coiro recently landed the job as director/executive producer of the project with Jessica Gao writing the thing.

Jennifer Walters was one of Stan Lee’s last major co-creations for Marvel, in response to the success of The Incredible Hulk tv show airing in 1977. The thought was for Marvel to create a female Hulk in the comics before the tv show creates a character, thus giving Marvel rights to the character versus the television production.

She was brought in as a mousy shy lawyer that gets shot by goons of Nicholas Trask, and needed a blood transfusion! Oh no! Only her cousin, Bruce Banner, can give her one! The coincidence!

But instead of being a rage monster like Hulk, Jennifer retains her intelligence and personality when she transforms into She-Hulk. The transformation makes her a muscular, perfect formed female… just green. She can transform between She-Hulk and her human form. She prefers to stay as She-Hulk because she feels more confident.

Early depictions of She-Hulk have her hyper sexualized and a raging libido. It’s like the ultimate patriarchal fantasy: the smart shy woman suddenly transforms into a raging horny sex kitten. But as she has progressed, as society has progressed, she has becomes confident in her sexuality but with a jovial personality during fighting. She also stays as the green Hulk while practicing law.

Tatiana Maslany is known for Orphan Black, where she played clones with distinct personalities, often multiple clones within the same scene (off topic Helena was my favorite clone. She was so tortured and I felt so bad for her. The fact that Maslany was able to make us feel her innocence, pain, and murder rage kill energy shows Maslany skills as an actress). She knows how to work with a technical heavy set, which is good when it comes to She-Hulk.

Maslany looks like she could be Mark Ruffalo’s cousin. But many people wanted Walters to be played by a person of color. She’ll be green under there anyways, and family comes in every shape, size, and color. That could provide controversy. Race-bending popular characters is a popular thing lately. But Maslany is a solid actress. She has proven she can do serious action scenes and small intimate dramatic scenes. She proved that she can do incredibly moving scenes with green screens, doubles, and technical aspects. I mean some of the best scenes were when the Orphan Black clones all were interacting with each other, which means Maslany was doing all this crazy work for those scenes. It gives me confidence she can do the motion capture work required to do Jennifer Walters justice.

There’s no premiere date for She-Hulk on Disney+