The new trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods was released at Comic-Con and as you’ll see, it continues the more light-hearted tone of this track of the DCEU. Is the DCEU even a thing anymore?

Zachary Levi is back as Captain Marvel Shazam and this time he’s battling Helen Mirren as Hespera and Lucy Liu as Kalypso. He can’t take on these two alone so the trailer has heavy emphasis on Shazamily. Yes, this seems to be a word the marketing team is pushing – Shazamily.

Shazam! Shazamily

There’s a very tongue-in-cheek interaction between Shazam and Hespera in which Shazam makes a reference to the Mirren’s recurring role in The Fast and The Furious franchise:

“Look, I might not have as much experience as you because I’m not super old like you, but I’ve seen all the Fast and The Furious movies, lady. It’s all about family!”

Shazam 2 Mirren Lui

You know me by now, I like my superhero movies dark and moody. I’m a Snyderverse fan (for my sins) and I loved The Batman. I find the majority of Marvel films too much like kids movies and cartoons, but I appreciate I’m in the minority.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is clearly for families and kids and I’m cool with that. After all, Shazam really is Billy Batson, a kid who gains superpowers by speaking a magic word. You could say this is DC’s version of Thor with its more lighthearted tone and crazy mythical creatures.

It looks fun, it looks silly and I think DC might actually have a surprise hit on their hands. Check it out:

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