Yet more cape news! Among all these DC rumblings with reboot and recasting drama, one member of the DCEU (now DCU) that doesn’t get discussed much is Shazam! and that is a shame. The original movie, skewing younger and leaving well alone the miserabilist overtones of some of the rest of the franchises in the DCEU, was a lot of silly fun.


This same light-hearted approach looks set to continue as you can probably tell from a new TV spot that has been released for the upcoming sequel Shazam! Fury Of The Gods. Dragons, CGI destruction and an undemanding, unserious good time seem to be on offer. Popcorn fodder, and sometimes that is OK.


Star Zachary Levi has already said Shazam! won’t be recast. So does he have a place in the Gunn/Safran plan? Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is still counting Shazam! Fury Of The Gods as a major studio release in 2023 alongside Aquaman 2 and The Flash. However, what direction things will go in after that is completely unknown.

There is no indication so far that the post-credits stinger from the last movie will be a jumping off point. In that scene the defeated Doctor Sivana was scrawling all kinds of symbols in his jail cell, the same symbols the wizard uses to transport himself to his magical lair. He hears a voice, and that voice turns out to be coming from a caterpillar-like creature who’s talking about world domination. That worm also appears in the wizard’s lair.

The worm guy is clearly the comic book villain, an alien Venusian worm called Mister Mind.

Mister-Mind-ShazamIt is at this point that maybe we start to think that the much vaunted DC villains roster, outside of Batman, is actually a little bit shit.

Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren join the mostly returning cast for the 17th March release of Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.

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