Rumors have been swirling. Ever since new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav began ripping into DC and the DCEU and demanding plans and quality, the internet has been positively giddy with innuendo. The Snyder-verse was coming back, but it isn’t because The Flash ends it, The Batman and Joker are to be the basis of the new DCEU, but they aren’t because Cavill and Affleck are coming back. Up is down, black is white, cats and dogs are living together. Shazam! Fury Of The Gods is being reshot.


Only it isn’t. Not according to director David F. Sandberg. The story was that all the release dates were moving around due to reshoots. These reshoots were to build links into whatever this new DC world was and to align with Black Adam to bring some sanity to the DCEU.

The Zachary Levi-led movie was pushed three months from December to March next year with Aquaman 2 moving back nine months. Speculation was rife. We know, we reported on it just like everyone else!

After Zaslav demanded a 10 year plan from DC, with movies delayed and reshoots underway, the natural conclusion of the internet chattering classes was that this was all part of the master mission. Not so, says Sandberg. Collider are reporting that he has taken to Instagram to shoot this down:

“I’ve seen reports that ‘Shazam’ is being ‘retooled’ but it’s not true. The cut has been locked for quite some time, and we’re doing final mix, color, and VFX right now.

Everyone’s happy with the film and we’re not going to work any longer on it just because of the release date shift… Definitely not shooting more.”

Shazam! Fury of the Gods now opens in movie theatres on March 17th 2023. So if the movie is locked and all these release date switches aren’t to instigate the Zaslav plan, then surely it will all become clear when the new Head Honcho lands? Well… Warner Bros. gonna Warner Bros.

The favorite for the role of executive to run the DC Film & TV division at Warner Bros. Discovery has apparently dropped out. This role would be the Kevin Feige of DC, charged with marshalling the fantastically valuable, but dreadfully mismanaged IP.

Dan Lin

Producer Dan Lin was said to be in negotiations for the job that is said to be one of the highest profile gigs up for grabs in Hollywood right now. However according to Variety, terms could not be reached. Idle speculation, but we know what Warner Bros. is like. Creative interference is their reputation in the market. You can imagine that Lin would have required total control to effectively do his job and shape something special out of the DC IP, and Warner Bros. just couldn’t get out of their own way.

Warner Bros. are now continuing the search while studio chiefs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy remain overseeing DC for now. Meanwhile, I am outta here as I have to dust off and update my resume…

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